9 Bathroom Must-Haves To Make It A Less Stressful Space

Forget candles and flower petals. The most relaxing bathroom is a prepared one.
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December 30, 2013
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Annie may have temporarily claimed the ugliest bathroom in Brooklyn, but mine is definitely the smallest. Picture the handicapped bathroom stall in your office; now picture a shower and two medicine cabinets in it. That's my bathroom. Let's call it "cozy," for positivity's sake, shall we?

It was the inspiration for one of my earliest xoVain articles, in which I explain that my bathroom is too small in which to wash my face the old-fashioned over-the-sink way.

So in coming up with a list of nine things you need to make your bathroom more enjoyable and less stressful--which, to me, means ready-for-anything more so than spa-like--it shouldn't be surprising that my top recommendation is...


Even if you've been given life's greatest blessing (a large bathroom), keeping face wipes on the counter or in your medicine cabinet is a must. You know how important it is to clean your face before you go to bed, right? So even if you stumble in from a night of partying or whatever it is you kids do these days, this is an easy way to de-makeup.


I have no windows in or even near my bathroom, so natural lighting is a foreign concept to me.

Luckily, there are a number of lightbulbs available nowadays that do a darn good job mimicking natural light and giving you a more accurate look at your skin and makeup.


The only downside to better lighting? Seeing every whitehead more clearly.

If you can't resist the urge to do minor surgery on yourself, please, don't do it with your dirty fingernails! Instead, pick up an extractor from a beauty boutique or beauty supply store and clean it before each use.

Your skin will thank you. Your pores will literally learn how to speak and they will say, "Thank you," out loud, to your horror.


Your bathroom is inevitably going to smell funky sometimes. Do I have to get into the reasons? I do not.

An air-freshener like this one is perfect for keeping on the back of your toilet tank because it doesn't scream "Someone goes number-two here!" Instead, it gently releases odor-eliminating scented oils--it's more of a whisper than a scream.

It's safer than a candle, and unlike plug-in air fresheners, it keeps your outlets free for things like your heat-styling tools, like...


I know these are popular among people who have things like roommates and significant others, but am I the only one who's annoyed by the sound of her own blowdryer?

A number of companies are now making lower-decibel models, and they're available at a range of prices, so you don't have to spend hundreds for a little peace and quiet while you style.


When you first move into a place, it's easy to give in and buy the cheapest, ugliest shower curtain in the world lest you go unwashed for days. But when you find a few moments, look beyond the neighborhood 99-cent store and get one your genuinely love looking at.

It could be something with a whimsical design on it, or just a favorite color that makes you feel happy. Even a simple white one can make your bathroom feel more like a spa and less like someone else's grandmother's guest bathroom.


I keep a small bottle of detergent under my sink because I always wait until the last minute to do laundry and I can't just keep buying new underwear from the drugstore--I JUST CAN'T.

Having this readily available lets me hand-wash some knickers when it's too late in the evening to go to the laundromat.


I have one of these, but I'm not showing you mine because it has a broken mirror and is covered in toothpaste.

But despite the state mine is in, I rely on it, because I have no shelf space, and it keeps all of the things I need to mindlessly reach for right behind me. That includes my robe, because it has little hooks. I LOVE LITTLE HOOKS!


If you have some space on your wall, use it to make your bathroom feel more homey. You spend a decent amount of time in there, and it should feel just as familiar and friendly as any other room.

A sheet of plastic photo pockets is perfect because the pictures and postcards and other pieces of paper you've deemed displayable stay protected from splashes and steam and men who aim poorly.

What would you add to my list?

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