I Had to Try Lady Gaga's "Star-Spangled Red-Slipper Eyes" (Actually, Her Entire Super Bowl Look)

It made me feel passionate about America and football, even though I live in the Netherlands.

I remember three years ago when Beyoncé played (slayed) the half-time show at the Super Bowl like it was yesterday. It was 3 a.m. here on a random Sunday, and I was crying to my television. It was really intense.

With that in mind, I tuned in to watch the Super Bowl again this year, because all you need to add to make me watch Coldplay and even sports is Beyoncé. This time, however, it wasn't Beyoncé's makeup that caught my eye. Lady Gaga's "Star Spangled Red-Slipper Eyes" immediately caught my attention.

I was really into that look and wanted to recreate it right away.


Gaga's brows looked very Audrey Hepburn-esque. Hers were filled in quite light, and the bottom arch was quite straight and the top arch was slightly pointy.

I tried to apply that shape to my natural brow shape, and I filled them in with Make Up For Ever Aqua Brow. I traced right underneath my brows with a white pencil to make my brows look more neat. Then, I primed my eyelids.


Gaga's red eyes were as intense as a cat-eye, but with glitter instead of eyeliner. On the outer corners of the eyes, I applied a piece of tape, which I aligned with the arch of my brow. This will make your eyeshadow look really crisp. This is especially useful when working with glitter because that always gets everywhere.

I defined the outer crease with Bitter from the Urban Decay Vice4 palette. I noticed Gaga's inner crease (which is more of a socket, but I have hooded eyes) was a little more pink, so I defined that with a matte pink eyeshadow. On the lid, I applied a red eyeshadow (Sonic from the Urban Decay Vice3, but any red will do). I also applied some red on the outer half of the lower lashline. I hit the inner half of the lower lashline with some white pencil to open up the eyes.

On the mobile lid I used a fine gold and red glitter* and some larger red glitter chunks. I always use a glitter eyeliner as my glitter adhesive because it's cheap and efficient. Then I just slapped on some false lashes that I got from China.

I sparkled up the inner corner with a silvery eyeshadow (Verve from Urban Decay Naked2) with a wet brush for a sparkly inner corner. Then I just curled my lashes and coated them in some mascara.

* NOTE: I am not using eye-safe glitter here because #yolo, but of course it's better to use eye-safe glitter. Also, if you have really sensitive eyes I'd probably stay away from red eyeshadow altogether because red tends to be quite an irritating pigment.Face & Lips

After wiping down the glitter and getting my primer and foundation on, it's time for concealer. I use my Kryolan Derma Color Camouflage Creme palette to spot-conceal and highlight the under-eye area, nose and forehead. I also applied a slight cheek contour to help the contouring process later.

Gaga's base was incredibly matte, so I blended everything out with my Real Techniques sponge and set everything with powder.

I carved out my cheekbones with my NYX HD Blush in Taupe and the Real Techniques contouring brush. I went up quite high with my contour to create that lifted effect. For the nose contour that Gaga had going on, I used the same blush on a tapered blending brush. Just keep tracing your nose with a small amount of product and blend as you go until you reach your desired effect.

To make my lips look as filled out as Gaga's, I used a dusty rose lip liner and traced slightly over my natural lip line. I had a really hard time finding a glossy my-lips-but-better shade, but I settled on L'Oréal Colour Riche Extraordinaire Lip Color in Molto Mauve.

To finish off, I applied a tiny bit of blush above my contour. I opted for my Milani Baked Blush in Rose d'Oro because I felt like the slight shimmer would give my face some more depth. I quickly hit my cheekbones with a fan brush and a tiny amount of white pigment for a really minimal cheek highlight.


There's not a lot to work with on my head these days, so I just backcombed my hair and pushed it back with some hair spray. My roots sort of make it seem like my hair is floating and this style also kind of makes me feel like Hillary Clinton. I wouldn't rock the Super Bowl with this look, but bad hair days happen to all us. Even Lady Gaga's hair has its off days, right?

And with this poorly done hairstyle, my Lady Gaga look is complete. Tell me I'm your national anthem!

  • So were you Team Gaga or Team Bey this Super Bowl?
  • I know literally nothing about American football.