Korean Straight-Across Brows: Because Arches Are So Yesterday

Another Korean beauty trend that screams "youth" without, like, bubblegum-flavored lipgloss.

First off, let's talk hair. What I'm wearing in this tutorial is day three of Annie's glorious HUGE hair tutorial. This was day one. Kind of amazing, right?

I kid you not: I've never had that many hair compliments ever. Strangers were ooohing and ahhing, babies were smiling with admiration, the heavens parted and a mysterious light shone down upon my insane Asian curls. (Asfro?)

Next topic: Korea. To me, Korea is totally on-point with its beauty game. From cute packaging to BB creams, they know what's up! Naturally, I turn to Korean beauty inspiration regularly, and brows are no exception. Except this one was a bit of an accident.

A while back, I was a bridesmaid at my beautiful friend Kate's wedding. When it was my turn to get my makeup done, the makeup artist asked me if she could "fix" my eyebrows before we started. (This was before she nonchalantly mentioned my face was "two different colours," but that's a different matter). Of course I said yes, then sat in polite, silent terror as she proceeded to use an eyebrow razor to shave off the top and ends of my eyebrows! WHAT ARE YOU DOING, LADY?!

Anyway, it turns out she was just way advanced. This popular eyebrow shape is meant to be youthful and sweet, giving you that bright-eyed, bushy-tailed look you've always dreamed of.

I buy it, my nine-year-old sister has the same eyebrows. While it's not an exclusively Korean aesthetic--Natalie Portman, I'm looking at you--in Korea, it's a full-on trend.

Now, I can't quite replicate the exact look from the wedding. I'm not brave enough to shave the ends of my eyebrows again, but I will attempt to show you how to achieve a straight(ish) brow using brow powder, gel and concealer.

Since my eyebrows are a bit long, I also covered a bit of the ends. If you want to be legit, go ahead and shave(!) this part off.

I kept the rest of the face fairly simple. I tightlined my upper waterline and finished with a couple of coats of mascara.

For lips, I used L'Oreal Infallible Le Rouge Lipcolour in Forever Fuchsia 138. This is a true fuchsia with really great staying-power.

I finished the whole thing off with some matte bronzer below the cheekbones.

Here is the finished look:

What do you guys think of the straight brow? Would you try it? Should I shave the ends of my eyebrows again and do it legit? Let me know!