You, Too, Can Re-Create The Look Of The Most Popular K-Drama Star, Jun Ji-Hyun

I just got to Seoul, and now I’m only one step away from getting a restraining order.
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March 21, 2014
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A few times a year, I take a 14-hour flight from NYC to Seoul to find the best Korean cosmetics for my e-shop, Soko Glam. This trip was a tad different, because I just gorged on 21 episodes of the Korean drama My Love From Another Star, and I became mildly obsessed with the series’ female lead, Cheon Song Yi, played by Jun Ji-Hyun.

If you haven’t watched a K-drama in your life, this might be the one to start with (free at

Editor's note: A quick synopsis for the uninitiated: My Love From Another Star is a love story between a really good looking alien (!) named Do Min Joon, who lives on Earth in really good looking human form, and Cheon Song Yi, a beautiful, famous actress, who just happens to look a lot like a girl Do Min Joon once loved on his alien planet. I think? If anyone else has seen this, please chime in because it's amazing. Now, back to Charlotte.

A few sleepless nights later, you’ll probably find yourself in a bleary-eyed daze scouring the web for her lippies: Yves Saint Laurent Rouge Pur Couture Lipstick in No. 52 and IOPE Waterfit in No. 44.

This means you’ve just experienced the star power of Jun Ji-Hyun. Singlehandedly, she has launched a fashion and beauty frenzy of hot pink lips, cute headbands, cat-eye sunnies, and even a facial toner. I’m not just talking about Seoul here--there are reports that shortages for the lippies are global.

So once I landed, I went on a stalker-like rampage to become exactly like her character, Cheon Song Yi.

My first Cheon Song Yi find was in this cute accessories boutique in Hongdae. Here, you can find pretty much every headband and bow she wore in the series.

I picked out a black leather headband; it's lined with wire, so I can easily wrap it around and twist it up!

Next door, I found a jewelry boutique with copies of the pieces she wore in the series. I picked out a gold-and-diamond teardrop earring and practiced her I’m-so-demure-when-looking-down look.

Next up: skincare. In the drama, there’s a two-second shot of her using a facial toner from the brand Hanyul, and of course, it sold out, like, immediately that month.

I was lucky enough nab a bottle at the beauty shop Aritaum to see if I should add it to my site.

The toner smells a little musty at first, but it’s supposed to tighten your pores and brighten your face. It’s also made by AmorePacific and I use whatever AmorePacific says I must use.

Bright pink and red lips are everywhere in Seoul thanks to K-drama leading ladies leading the trend. IOPE Waterfit lipstick in No. 44 was sold out at Aritaum, so I opted for my Etude House lippie in Strawberry Syrup Candy, which is pretty in shade close to what she uses.

For the final touch: my tortoise cat-eyed sunnies from Viktor & Rolf.

Now that my mash-up of Cheon Song Yi’s look is complete, I’m ready to walk around Seoul and be just like Cheon Song Yi -- or at least her stand-in.

What dramatic leading lady’s style do you want to steal?