Kid Sister's Alter Ego Is My New Beauty Muse

Meet Jane Jupiter.
Publish date:
September 18, 2014
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Earlier this month, Kid Sister dropped a new single for the first time in three years. In it, she takes on the persona of Jane Jupiter--a foxy space babe wrapped in a disco ball catsuit. If the sultry R&B and funk fusion of this single hasn’t graced your ears yet, do yourself a favor and watch the video below.

I’ve always adored Kid Sister for how positive, girly, and upbeat her rapping has been. After learning that she was also a fellow passenger on the depression struggle bus, however, I knew that I needed to create a look based on her look and the feel of her new music. Here’s to you, Kid Sis!

To start, I used the Makeup For Ever Camouflage Concealer Palette under my eyes, to help even out my skin tone. After that, I used the Smashbox Limitless 15-Hour Wear Cream Shadow in Neptune as a base for my eyeshadow, applying it with my finger.

Using my Sephora Color Anthology Eyeshadow Palette (which you should absolutely get if you don’t have one already,) I blended an iridescent purple in with the green to create a gradient effect, radiating upward toward my eyebrows.

So: remember when I brought up looking like I was slapped across the face by a glittery-palmed gnome? This is the culprit: The Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics Crème Colour Concentrate in Mercury. This pigment is more of a gel than anything else, and can go on with amazingly bold intensity if and only if you’re a level 58 master-class makeup artist who’s unearthed the secrets to applying it well.

It has a tendency to crumble off of makeup brushes and streak horribly when applied with a finger. To add insult to injury, trying to remove the crème earlier on in the look left glittery residue on my face that I’m now convinced will stay on my body until the heat death of the universe.

I wanted to add a bit of silver and drama to the look by lining my bottom lids, and opted to use the crème. It looks decent enough when applied in very small areas, but make peace with the fact that you will have glitter on our face for the rest of time if you go for this approach.

For my lip treatment, I wanted to go the route of Kid Sister and have a nice nude tone that’s dressed up with gloss. Due to the beauty industry’s answer to nude brown shades being a perpetually raised middle finger, however, I wound up mixing an Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics Lip Tar in Memento with some shades from my concealer palette to make the color I wanted. For as much smack as I just talked about OCC’s pigment crème, the Lip Tars play really well with each other and other products to make lovely results.

Refusing to learn from my past mistakes--or perhaps because I’d begun to like the glittery shine--I opted to highlight my cheekbones with the silver OCC crème, hoping that using it sparingly and buffing it with a brush would be an easy enough application. I was wrong, and it was still enormously difficult.

After that, I applied false lashes and Smashbox Full Exposure Mascara to both my top and bottom lashes, filling out my eyebrows with an iridescent maroon shadow from the Sephora Color Anthology. To up the Space Babe factor, I only filled in the top halves of my brows to make their shape vaguely Vulcan.

Now for the hair chalk!

I’m one who is rather staunchly on the side of keeping my hair black, which I think is the absolute perfect color for me. Chalking it teal for this look may have changed my mind about that.

I used Splat Hair Chalk in Mint Candy, and the process was extremely simple: The Splat chalk came with a little sponge, which I coated with chalk and applied to my twists. It had the tendency to make my hair look very dry and, well, chalky, but separating and re-twisting the twists after each application made them look less like they were about to completely lock on the spot.

After that, the look was complete!

Are you feeling this Jane Jupiter look? Have you had issues removing glitter makeup?