Who Needs Caboodles When You've Got A Refrigerator?

You can make some of your cosmetics (and food!) beautify even better when you store them in the fridge.

Space is hard to come by in a Manhattan apartment, so I keep makeup and cosmetics in the fridge.

Not, like, razors or body wash or anything. That would be absurd! Just things that make sense to keep cold, like nail polish and eye cream--not to be confused with ice cream, which would melt in the fridge, so that would just be ridiculous.

When a label says to store in a cool place (and sometimes when it doesn't), I just stick it right in the fridge. When people come over and (very rudely--let’s be honest--it’s not their home) open the fridge, they always seem shocked to find rows of nail polish stored in the eggs compartment, and my under-eye roller stored where the butter should be.

But it doesn't just save me precious space; there are actual beauty benefits to doing this.


Nail polish: Storing nail polish in the fridge slows down the discoloration that happens as polish gets older. (Just be careful if the bottle breaks or opens inside the fridge, as nail polish is flammable and sealed inside the refrigerator--not so safe.)

Eye cream: Keeping eye cream in the fridge, too, extends its shelf life, and the colder temperature helps soothe puffiness in the eye area, which we know is an issue for me.

Eyeliner: Got a sticky eyeliner pencil that smudges as soon as it touches your lid? Leave it in the fridge to cool off, harden, and glide on more smoothly.


This tactic works conversely, too! Some of the foods you have in (or near?) your fridge can do great things for your face after they’ve been chilling in there.

Potatoes: Cut them up and put them on your forehead during a headache. Give it 10 minutes and you’ll be pain-free faster than it takes you to find a potato in a hotel room.

No, seriously. I tried to take a picture with a potato on my forehead for this post while on a recent trip with my mother. Miles away from the nearest grocery store, I decided to order a potato from room service. An hour later, a raw potato arrived at our door, and another hour later, I decided taking pictures on an iPhone is not my mother’s forte. See picture below--that’s her least blurry photo from the trip.

Sour cream: I know this may sound unappealing, but believe you me, it’s the best solution I’ve ever turned to for a bad sunburn. After falling asleep on the beach for far too long and getting downright scorched, no product soothed my skin like sour cream, recommended by a waiter at a restaurant who saw me and instantly felt the need to dole out advice. It was that bad.

Baking soda: Pour a cup into a bath to soothe irritation and soften skin.

Avocado: They’re in season, guys! For a moisturizing mask, mash them up and mix with some olive oil for your hair, or some milk for your face.

Steak: Punched in the face? Put a cold steak on it. You can thank The Sandlot for that one.

Do you keep any beauty products in the fridge? Did you know Caboodles is still around?!