Fake Deeper-Set Eyes With a Look Inspired by K-Pop's CL

CL’s eye makeup is always meticulous and usually the key focal point to her look.
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February 16, 2016
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K-pop girls always seem to look perfectly put together, and Chaelin Lee is no exception. Better known as CL, the sassy rapper of popular K-pop girl group 2NE1 is also garnering attention stateside. Working with the likes of Scooter Braun, Skrillex and Diplo, CL has a fan in fellow pop star Katy Perry and fashion designer Jeremy Scott.

My feelings on CL are mixed: she is, without a doubt, gorgeous and talented, but is she just another Iggy Azalea who gets a pass because she isn't white? Have I just opened up a can of worms?

Regardless, there aren’t many Asian women making waves in the Western pop world, so when I do come across CL looking stunning in a particular makeup look, you can be sure I’m taking notes.

CL’s eye makeup is always meticulous and usually the key focal point to her look. This photo in particular made me say "yes, please!" Though my eye shape is quite different from CL’s, I decided to try it out myself, with some slight adjustments.

Come along with me as we get CL’d.

First, I start with FairyDrops Candybar BB Cream. I love the formula of this BB cream because it’s full-coverage without being cakey and obvious. I added a tiny bit of RMS Living Lumizer to the tops of the cheekbones and chin to get that South Korean glow.

My skin is actually looking pretty good right now, which I credit to Obagi and Dr Renaud Peel Pads. The pads, which double as a toner when I'm feeling fancy, even out the skin tone and really add a radiance to the skin.

Eye time!

Using an angled brush and a dark matte shadow, I fill in my eyebrows. For the eyes, I used the Too Faced Sugar & Spice Palette (thanks, Alyssa). Champagne Truffle, a light shimmery champagne shade, was dusted all over the lid.

Next, I went in with Nutmeg, a light gold copper, into the crease, and along my lower lash line.

I took a mixture of Biscotti and Cinnamon Sugar (both rich, darker shimmery browns), and continued shading in the crease and along the outer corner of the lower lash line.

Then using the black side of LORAC 3D Lustre/Liner, I lined my upper lid, making the line slightly thicker in the middle. I have a fairly shallow double eyelid, which is tricky when it comes to applying thick liner. If I line past the crease, it’s guaranteed Smudge City on my eye, whereas CL’s gorgeous monolid makes it the perfect base for thick, dramatic eyeliner. Modify the shape to suit your own eye.

Finally, I swept more darker brown shadow on the outer corner of the lower lash line, in a triangle shape that mirrors the upper liner shape — kind of mimicking the shadow you'd get from thick, heavy lashes. You can go ahead and add your falsies here to get a look closer to CL’s, or you can leave it as I have, if you prefer something more “natural.”

What I found interesting about about this look was that a bit of brown shadow was placed along the sides of the upper bridge of the nose, creating the illusion of deeper-set eyes. Naturally, I followed suit.

To finish off the look, just add lipstick. I opted for pink, instead of CL’s more peachy-brown lip.

  • What are your favourite ways to make your eyes stand out?
  • Which K-pop looks are you dying to try out?