Our Holiday Gift Guide for Invisible Boyfriends Willed Us Actual Boyfriends

As we gathered items for nonexistent dream guys, actual guys came into our lives.

So this is potentially the most embarrassing thing Alyssa and I have ever written, but here it goes.

You already know we share a love of cutesy beauty products and pastel shades, but what you might not know is we're also both the most hopeless type of hopeless romantics. Seriously—we both adore cheesy movies and One Direction love songs, and we rant almost incessantly about modern dating and the general lack of chivalry in the world.

Yup, we're those girls.

Somewhere between the time I was ghosted by a dude with a Vespa and the time Alyssa made me road trip four hours north to watch a guy she likes play with his punk-pop band at a corn festival, we started joking about finding "the one" and what that might mean for each of us.

It became a sort of running joke, and though we're confused about what exactly led to this conclusion, we somehow dreamt up the idea of making an "invisible boyfriend gift guide" for our "ones." Who says we can't make holiday gift selections for our dream guys just because they hadn't found us yet, right?

We realize this sounds fairly absurd, but as we gathered items and started to plan our shoot, the unthinkable happened. With a little help from some dating apps, we both ended up with cute boyfriends! Mari has been known to have occasional magical powers, so it only makes sense that the very thought of this gift guide willed the universe to send us what we really wanted for Christmas.

So here's the magical guide that somehow brought us much more than just smoky colognes and beard oil.

Alyssa's List

Baxter of California Wood Ash Scented Candle: This is the sexiest campfire candle on earth, and every prince should have one in his room.

Viktor & Rolf Spicebomb: Please see exhibit A.

Davines Oi collection: When it comes to attraction, I'm all about luscious locks (on men or women). Good hair is a non-negotiable in my books, which means I gift Davines to pretty much everyone I date.

D.S. & Durga Debaser: Unisex fragrances are the best gift because you can subtly use them for yourself as well. This blend of fig, coconut milk, iris, bergamot and wood is refreshing and for some reason reminds me of Mr. Darcy, which I love (duh).

Baxter of California Hydro Salve Hand Cream: No one likes holding dry, crispy hands, and baby, it's cold outside! This hand cream is just the thing to keep skin soft like cashmere mittens.

Ralph Lauren Supreme Leather: Okay, so I really love a variety of hyper-masculine, smoky (or in this case, leathery) colognes. Sorry not sorry.

Baxter of California Bergamot and Pear Invigorating Body Wash: I don't object to a little bit of dirty, but everyone has to shower sometimes, and why not shower in style?

Mari’s List

Beauty gifting for boyfriends who aren’t into beauty can be difficult, but here are my picks for an invisible boyfriend who likes good books, root beer and Leonard Cohen, and humours your obsession with Drake and Justin Bieber.

Baxter of California Skin 123 Kit: This makes cleansing, toning and moisturizing super-easy, just like me. Just kidding, I’m not easy at all, but using this trio even after a long night of Netflix marathoning definitely is.

Schwarzkopf 3D Men Hair & Body Shampoo: This is as effective as it is convenient. It contains menthol for a cooling effect on the skin and scalp, and caffeine to stimulate the roots (or help wake him up in the morning because he’s late for work as a result of you being simultaneously cute and annoying).

Juniper Ridge Big Sur Trail Soap: My invisible boyfriend smells like pine, soil, canyons and endless wildflower meadows. Yours can too with this soap. Bonus: it’s packed with organic coconut, olive and jojoba oils, tree pitch, plant sap and steam distilled essential oils. Even though I’m a city girl at heart, I love the idea that nothing smells better than the forest, and Juniper Ridge agrees.

OSiS+ Session Label Molding Paste: My dream boy has curly hair, so this stuff keeps it all in place with matte, remouldable hold. Plus, I can use it, too, when I want to get texturized and look more day-two on a day-one hair day.

Beardbrand Temple Smoke Beard Oil: Seth Cohen with a bit of scruff is maybe everyone’s dream invisi-boyfriend, right? He probably wouldn't have cared about beard oils, but you know who would? Summer. And she’d want Seth’s beard to feel like heaven's clouds and smell like a steamy affair in the deep, mossy woods.

  • Is willing something to happen a thing that is real?
  • What are your favourite gifts for your dreamy partner this time of year?