Eyelash Curlers Aren't As Scary And Confusing As You May Think

You asked: Why should I use an eyelash curler, and HOW? I've got the answers.
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December 18, 2013
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“Alle, you say in a lot of your articles that you should always curl your eyelashes, but I don’t know why. I’ve never curled mine and I’m a little intimidated! Why do your curl your lashes, and how do I use an eyelash curler?” - Lizzie Bennett

An excellent question, and one that I know an awful lot about! First, an anecdote:

When I first decided to start using an eyelash curler, I was about 13, and one of the girls in my dance class kind of made fun of me for not knowing how to use one. I bought a cheap one from the drugstore, but because I didn’t know what I was doing, I started using it BACKWARDS. Sure my lashes were curlier, but there were also far fewer of them because they kept getting caught and pulling out. Ow.

It took me a minute to figure out what was up with my curler, but now I am a pro. And this is what I will now share with you guys!

First, make sure it’s the right way around. Curlers are usually a crescent shape, which follows the general curve of your eye. The curved part should face OUT. I know this is probably “duh” to most of you, but it has to be said.

Second, make sure all your eyelashes are pulled through. This is especially important if you have long lashes, which I do. I hate when there’s ONE eyelash that doesn’t want to be curled and gets missed, then sticks out straight like a jerk.

To do this, I gently pull my lashes through the little gap with my fingers, making sure that my outer corner eyelashes are all through as well. DON’T pull it so far through that your eyelid gets caught in the curler. That hurts!

Squeeze the curler together gently for about two or three seconds, then release. If you just leave it like this, you’ll have lashes curled at a 90 degree angle from your face, which is not The Look. Instead, move the curler a little further up the lashes and squeeze it again.

Repeat this one more time so that your eyelashes are actually curled in three places. This gives you a really natural-looking curl to your eyelashes!

Here’s how this looks with mascara.

Curled eyelashes also have the benefit of NOT scraping against your glasses when you blink, which is literally the most revolting feeling on earth.

I hope this is helpful! Remember, if you have any questions for me, sing out in the comments, talk to me on Twitter, let me know what’s up via Facebook or email me! So many ways to talk to one another.