Tinting My Own Brows and Lashes is the One of the Best Decisions I've Made This Month

Now I can cry at animal videos with reckless abandon!
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July 17, 2015
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I love a good “no makeup” look. It’s my daily look if I’m wearing makeup: a little blush, but I focus especially on my brows and lashes. I don’t want to think about how much cash I’ve dropped over the years trying to find the perfect mascara.

NOW HEAR THIS: I haven’t done my brows or worn mascara in two whole weeks. Two!

A friend of mine that works in a microbiology lab clued me in to DIY lash and brow tinting. She works with very expensive, delicate microscopes, so she’s not allowed to wear mascara at work, but she also has super blonde brows and lashes.

The last time I tried any kind of lash tint was about 10 years ago. It was completely underwhelming; it rinsed off in about two days, left me with orange brows, burned my eyes like a tire fire, and was expensive to boot. However, when she showed me her shiny, jet black lashes, I ordered a kit from Amazon RIGHT AWAY.

This is not your middle-age mom’s lash and brow tint. Oh wait, yes it is, and it’s AMAZING.

Godefroy Instant Eyebrow Tint Permanent Eyebrow Color Kit comes with four little capsules, each with more than enough to do one application for your brows and lashes. I broke the rules and used it on my lashes too after comparing the ingredients to the separate lash tint and finding it essentially the same and also after being kind of an idiot and thinking I ordered both but did not.

(If brow shapes mystify you, you might want to nip in and have it done professionally instead; many salons or spas do it for around $20 a go. Just make sure the aesthetician has killer brows themselves.)

The tint itself is ridiculously simple to use: pop open a capsule, mix it with enough developer to make a creamy consistency, apply with the tool of your choosing, let it set for two minutes, and rinse.

I used a clean spoolie brush to apply it to my lashes, and found the little sticks included to be perfect to get my brows. Every little baby hair around your brows is dyed, and FAST, so be careful!

I put it on my lashes first, thinking that by the time they are tinted, I’ll be done applying my brows. I bought the darkest colour available because... well, go big or go home, right?

I rinsed it off in about two minutes, and was horrified with my Burt-esque brows. All I could think was, Shit! This is what I get for ordering crap online! It’s probably black henna or some crap!”

Turns out that the skin is just dyed for a bit, and a touch of oil and clarifying shampoo will take care of it. Which was good, because I was going out right after and had not planned on looking like a cartoon villain.

I curled my lashes, added a dab of oil to my brows, and I am IN LOVE. This has seriously changed my whole beauty routine! The best part is they don’t bleed when you get ‘em wet, and so far it’s lasted two whole weeks without fading one bit. It’s supposed to last up to six weeks, and I’ve already ordered more.

And now, a sappy animal video to make your day.

I know it’s just an ad, but it makes me weep every time I see it and I don’t even know why. Maybe the song, maybe because we still keep primates in captivity.

  • Have you tinted your lashes and brows?
  • Post your no-makeup selfies! I love seeing everyone’s precious li'l mugs! Or a sappy animal video. I love those, too!