How I Store My Myriad Beauty Supplies In My Small Bathroom

I finally understand why girls get excited when they find a dress with pockets.
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October 17, 2016
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Hello MTV, and welcome to my crib.

So let me be real with you, because I am more truthful to you guys than I am with people in my actual life. People have been asking me for a while to write about the way I store all my beauty stuff. I wasn't ever going to do it because the internet is a weird place and... I don't know, people are assholes.

But then I stopped reading the comments and started writing for xoVain — where, by the way, I do read the comments (hi!) — and realized that you guys actually love beauty, have different, unique, fascinating routines, and love talking about them as much as I do. Soooooo, I guess I'll show you how I store all my stuff.

Having great storage for your makeup is a lot like using a primer in that... let me see if I can make sense of this. You bought a good foundation you love, right? So you want to use a primer to make the foundation look its absolute best, and more so, to make it stay where you put it and last all day. No point in investing in a product, no matter how inexpensive, and taking the time to apply it, if it's just going to melt right off of your face.

In the same vein, there's no point in having all of these products (many of them housed in glass bottles) if you're just going to throw them in a drawer somewhere. For me, they will get lost, and if they don't get lost, they'll break. So, taking care of my stuff with some nice, inexpensive storage is a great way to keep everything safe and organized.

Jesus, I sound like a parent.

Plus, a wise woman, Cat Marnell — you may have heard of her — once said "Perfume bottles as decor are my jumpoff." Same.

So I guess let's start there: my perfume shelves.

IKEA GRUNDTAL Glass Shelf in 23 5/8"

Listen, the last thing I want to do is send you to IKEA — believe me — because I never want to go, ever in my life. But sometimes, you just need inexpensive furniture of questionable quality, and there is no better place. Plus, you can order online? So I am told.

Anyway, I was looking for a sensible mid-sized glass shelf, and look! These are perfect.

They're terrifying to put up because they're supported by two metal things you screw into the wall, which you are forced to get "level" with each other before sliding the shelf in. I don't know who I thought I was kidding with these. AND wobbling around my apartment wielding a pane of glass? Never mind.

They're currently spaced a little farther apart and higher than I wanted them, thanks to that intrusive light fixture, but they always do the trick. I have to use a step stool to reach my favorite Britney Spears scent (Hidden Fantasy, obviously) but it's worth it. They're so simple, and they put all my scents front and center.

Oh, and they come in packs of two, so they're basically six bucks a shelf.

If you need longer shelves, they've got a longer option, clocking in at 31 1/2", which is incidentally what I use to keep haircare and skincare on.

Top shelf is hair, below that is serums and oils, second to last is foundations, primers, and setting products, and the bottom shelf is moisturizers and masks.

Obviously, you can fit a ton of stuff on these shelves, especially if you're using them for your itty bitty beauty products. One pack of two will get you pretty far; I just have a lot of beauty products, as I am constantly reminded.

Sterilite Ultra 3 Drawer Cart

I'm getting these out of the way because they're unsightly.

They're pretty self-explanatory. I like them because the shallow shelves are great for smaller products like lip colors, eye products, liners; and the deeper ones are good for bigger things like leave-in conditioners, foundations, things like that. I have one of the deep drawers full of highlighters.

OK, but do you guys want to know where I really changed the game? THE SHOWER.

So my shower is just that: a stall with no shelving whatsoever. No soap dish, not even a ledge! Like, excuse me, where am I supposed to put my shower beer?

So I got resourceful.


I finally get why girls are always so excited to find a dress with pockets.

This shower curtain has nine mesh pockets of varying sizes that hold all of your shower essentials without holding any water. I LOVE IT. I have so many bottles crammed into it that it is for sure going to pull down my shower curtain, so look forward to my upcoming article about reinstalling a shower bracket.

Arguably even more genius?


God DAMN, am I not a genius? It's all hitting me right now.

Anyway, bar soap makes my skin crawl but some people prefer it, so I bought this li'l guy to make someone's life a little easier. The only thing worse than bar soap hovering creepily next to you while you're naked in the shower... bar soap sitting on the floor, soaking up standing water, and getting more and more disgusting. The suction cup is very, um, suction-y, and it hasn't fallen once in the time its been up.

Here's some stuff on my sink.

If you're asking if I buy a year's worth of peppermint hand soap from Bath & Body Works every holiday to last me the whole year, the answer is yes.

On the other side of my sink, I have this brush holder that holds, well, all of my brushes.

Isn't it beautiful?

It's called the Dry'n Shape Full Set. It's from Sigma, and I'm using it incorrectly. It holds up to 92 brushes, which it is definitely doing.

Here's how it's supposed to look:

The brush heads are supposed to be facing down so the little elastic bands at the bottom (which you can't see) can shape the wet bristles as they dry after you wash them them, which they do very well! But then I flip them up so I can distinguish them. Also, I only use like, four brushes. Three for my eyes TOPS, and a big floofy one for translucent powder. But there are days.

What am I leaving out?

Oh, OMG, yes, how could I forget?


Listen, I deserve this. I went from storing my polish in a little Sephora bag to a Jordans box to a tool box and then it sort of made sense just to figure out another option. When you're storing little glass bottles in a big-ish thing like a tool box, you're just asking for trouble.

Plus, a nail polish shelf is fun to look at! Six of them is better, but to each her own, I suppose. They each hold around 90 bottles, but I always cram more in. There are ways!

I will say this: Not every polish shelf is created equal. They all look the same, but I have about four different kinds up there, all with the same dimensions, god bless. There's always some sort of option on Amazon for around $30, but some are very flimsy. Basically just 16 pieces of rigid, light plastic glued together. They're fine once you get them up and stocked, just be careful doing so. The last one I purchased is great. It's one whole piece of thick, molded plastic — so sturdy that I could knock someone out with it. Had I known that when I bought it, I'd have replaced the rest of them. It's sort of a crap shoot. But it's worth it!

So that's it! Just get everything up on the walls and off of your floors and out of the drawers. You'll thank me for it.

Something tells me you're gonna have questions, so hit me up in the comments!