3 Ways to Change Your Brow Shape Without Touching Tweezers or Wax

At least not the hair-removal kind of wax...
Publish date:
December 18, 2015
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I’m obsessed with eyebrows. I don’t even try to hide it. Literally all day long, when I see new people with great brows, I have to restrain myself from yelling "GOALS!" and asking them if they get them done or do it themselves.

I’m a DIY gal myself. I haven’t let anyone else touch my eyebrows since I got the arch waxed right off in high school, which left me with super-straight, short eyebrows. (Also, please commiserate with me in the comments of your eyebrows from yesteryear.)

Now that I’m older and wiser and bold brows are in, I’m pretty lazy with my tweezing routine. I keep my brows pretty much exactly how they grow in naturally, and I just clean up the undersides for a little shape.

Because my brows are naturally thicker, I didn’t think there was much I could do to change the look without waxing or tweezing them smaller — until I actually tried it. It was just one of those mental roadblocks like when people say they can’t wear a particular color or article of clothing until they actually try it on.

I decided to play around with a few classic power brows just to see how they could be done on a thicker brow.

The Rounded Arch

The first look isn’t a far cry from my normal brow shape. It is a smoother arch than my natural brow, and I just brushed my brow hairs to follow the way they naturally grow.

To fill in my brows, I used a small angled brush and dark-brown brow powder to darken areas that are sparse in the front of my brows and to round out my arch.

I like this look the most because it is so close to what I’m used to, and I feel like it fits my face the best. I know, boring. Way to learn something from this exercise, Allison. (Ugh. I promise to never talk to myself in third person again.)

The Straight Brow

The straight brow has been so hip with the celebs, so I had to try it.

To get this shape I filled in the front of my brow to get a blockier look, and I filled in the underside of my brows to match up with the tail-ends of my brows. I didn’t fill in the arch at all and instead brushed those hairs down to help cover the area I filled in and make it look more natural.

This eyebrow shape is not my jam. I’m actually trying to smile in that picture and I just kind of look uncomfortable. I think because my brows are a bit unevenly placed, the straight brow emphasized the differences and makes me look a bit worried.

The Bushy Brow

I will admit to preferring the less polished looks out there in the makeup world, so the bushy brow was right up my alley.

Really, there’s not much to explain here, I simply left my brows to their natural shape and brushed them straight up. I used brow wax to help keep the hairs going where I wanted them to go.

It looks a little caveman-chic, but I’m digging it.

  • Are you as obsessed with eyebrows as I am?
  • How much effort do you put into your brows?
  • Do you change the shape of your brows or keep them as they grow in?