3 Steps For Reinventing Your Look Without Worrying Everyone You Know

Goal: Your look sneaks up on them in the subtlest way, which ends up being applauded as bravery. This is, like, politics.
Publish date:
April 23, 2013
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Spring has sprung, babes. Pollen, love, and opportunity seem to be everywhere. You’re probably really into the foreign section of Netflix right now while daydreaming about a soul-searching summer road trip with your best friend.

You want change.

I don’t mean to brag, but I’m really good at reinventing my look. I get bored very easily and constantly find new style inspirations.

Over the last year, I’ve jumped from a shaved blonde head to a pastel pink pixie cut, and just recently, a mint green hairstyle that sort of makes me look like an ice cream scoop in the best way possible.

During my hair changes, I’ve also continuously experimented with cat eyeliner styles and supplemented my closet with thrift store finds. I’ve found the more I was willing to experiment, the happier and more confident I became.

And I also got very good at planning my reinvention looks. I’m the Napoleon Bonaparte of switching my look up.

There is a certain art to reinventing your look without causing your friends and family to suggest seeing a cognitive therapist because they’re "concerned" about you.

For example, my recent makeover came after a breakup with a guy. It was a mutual goodbye from both parties, but even a happy ending can leave a girl itching for some change. I read seven books in two weeks and watched endless marathons of old cartoons, trying to find my next metamorphosis.

Planning a reinvention requires a battle plan that would intimidate the most experienced of warriors.

Reinventing your look efficiently requires three things:

  • Confidence
  • Strategy
  • Super-excellent timing

Um, hi, hello, this sounds hard, you might be thinking. No way, babe. You got this!

Let’s break it down.


If you have confidence, you can pull off anything. Well, sort of. Confidence is like your lightsaber. It’s important, but you won’t become a Jedi of self-esteem just with confidence.

So, how can we cultivate confidence? It depends on the person. Maybe it’s wearing a dress you’ve left in the back of your closet for some mysterious event in the future you’re positive will totally happen. Instead of passing it over yet again, you stop and say, “Hell yeah, I’m wearing this today.”

Whatever works for you, do it!


If you can dream, you can do it. If your dreams conveniently hand over the tools to success, then this can happen. If not, you’ve got to go out and get them.

Creativity can help in finding resources for reinvention. Might I recommend the Internet?

Think about what you’d like to experiment with.

Your hair? Go try a new stylist or research intensely for your next cut. Hell, draw inspiration from a historical figure or comic book character.

Your makeup? Stalk through Pinterest like you would a crush’s Facebook profile. Try anything and everything, because you can always wipe it off. If you’re having trouble deciding on a new everyday look, take a picture in the daylight and under artificial lighting. It makes a huge difference seeing it in a picture.

Your clothes? Depends on your budget. If you’re a broke college student like myself, I highly recommend second-hand shops. Swap items with your friends. Sharing is caring, unless you like it so much that you never give it back. Oops!


This is, by far, possibly the most important part to the reinvention process.

As I mentioned earlier, I’m coming off the end of a peaceful breakup. Still, I need to proceed with caution. I wanted people to see my new ice cream hairdo as daring, courageous and edgy. Like, they would see my fresh do and instantly want to have margaritas with me while we chat about the future we’re terrified of.

Waiting is hard. I used to think patience was for suckers. Now, I’ve realized that good ideas usually get better with time.

Waiting rarely ever makes things worse. For me, I refined my hair idea over the course of a few weeks and when the time felt right, I called up my stylist. And it worked! My friends gave looks of admiration rather than asking if I needed a night of chocolate and chick flicks.

So, are you thinking about changing up your look? If you’re feeling a little nervous, remember that life is short and all that inspirational jazz.

A friend recently shared this quote with me: “I'd rather have a life of oh wells than a life of what ifs.” I really dig this quote, because I have to remind myself I only have one lifetime to be as weird as possible.

Reinvent yourself! Don’t be afraid. You’re a babe. And after you’re done, let’s go get margaritas. Seriously.