I No Longer Get Mascara on My Skin Thanks to Something Super-Cheap I Already Had in the House

I'll never ruin another eyeshadow look!
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June 8, 2016
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Thanks to some sort of Chewbacca gene that I was blessed with, I am a champion-level hair grower. Arms, legs, head, eyebrows — it all grows long and strong, and my eyelashes are no exception.

I am incredibly vain about my lashes. (That's okay to say here. It's a safe space to talk about our own vanity. It's literally in the name.) I love my long lashes so much, I would marry them. The only thing that has always pissed me off about them is they tend to aid in the destruction of every eyeshadow look I've ever done.

I've tried applying mascara every which way, and I would always end up with little globs under my eyes, as well as on my eyelid, above and around my crease from pulling the mascara wand through to the ends of my lashes. And then I'd have to go back with a Q-Tip and fix it, which I'm too lazy to do 99% of the time.

But no more.

You can up your lash and shadow game with the help of a lowly plastic spoon! Like, you can open up your take-out Thai and be set with the magical tool you need for great, mess-free eyelids.

You will need a plastic spoon and the mascara of your choice. For this to work optimally, the smaller the mascara wand the better, and it's definitely not a great idea to use with a fiber mascara. That said, pretty much any and every regular mascara will work.

Here are my bare lashes so you know where we are starting. I just can't get on board with the no-mascara thing that pops up from time to time. It just doesn't work for me.

Real quick, let's talk about eyeball safety. You want to be very careful not to put pressure on your eyeball with the spoon — that is a big no-no for your vision. Also, you need to work with a clean spoon so you don't, like, infect your eyeball with yogurt or something.

Personally, I would choose a spoon you haven't used. You should also wash the spoon with soap and water so it's truly clean, and if you really want to go the extra mile with safety, you can disinfect with rubbing alcohol prior to use. Just, ya know, wait until the rubbing alcohol is 100% dry before placing the spoon near your eye so you don't burn your retina out. (You can also use a disposable mascara wand if it's going to squick you out.)

I always start off with the lower lashes first because I tilt my head up and look up while I'm applying mascara to my lower lashes. This is so I don't glom up my upper lashes while I'm looking at the ceiling and trying not to jab myself in the eye.

I place the spoon right up under my eyelashes and scootch it right up to the roots, which is where I get the most mascara transfer.

Your eyelashes should be on top of the spoon and you can then apply the mascara to your lashes by brushing the wand over the lashes. Once I get one good coat on with the spoon I let the layer dry and do another because the spoon can eat up some of the mascara, and I go big (lashes) or go home.

Here's how just the bottom lashes turned out.

Moving on to my top lashes, I need to start off by curling them. I'm currently using a drugstore lash curler that is pretty meh, but I'm not willing to drop $20 on curling my lashes.

For the top lashes, my big problem area is in the crease where the ends of my lashes hit my eyelids. All I do here is place the spoon over the outer corner/crease depending on where I'm aiming the brush and apply as usual. The spoon just creates a barrier between the lashes and eyelids so the still-wet mascara can't transfer onto the lid.

This is way easier/more normal-feeling than doing the lower lashes, by the way, so sorry if that first part was intimidating.

I like to do two or three coats of mascara so my lashes really stand out.

And look! Nary a mascara glob to be found.

Do you struggle with getting mascara all over your face like me? Because I definitely juked the wand and ended up with some in my eyebrows when I was taking these photos. You seriously can't take me anywhere.