5 Ways to Have a More Bearable Bikini Wax

Take comfort in the fact that we all think weird thoughts while we're on the table.
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September 7, 2016
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It’s one of the most exposing things a woman can go through (outside of a routine smear, which is medical so sort of doesn't count). It's not the greatest of beauty treats when you’re butt naked, on all fours and have a stranger looking at parts that should never be seen by a stranger. All in the name of beauty, right?

You’re not alone, and we hazard a guess that any of the following thoughts have gone through your mind during a bikini wax...

  • Why do I always wear granny bashers for waxing day?! I know this stranger is judging my underwear. I should have worn something prettier — wait, that’s even weirder…
  • I'm going to get uncontrollable giggles when she asks me to get on all fours.
  • I want to cry. A lot. But instead I am deep breathing like I’m going through labour.
  • I want to punch the waxer in the face. Will I be arrested?
  • Am I actually spending my hard earned income on physical torture?
  • I’m fairly sure she just ripped everything off. I can’t look down there, I have no idea what I’ll find.
  • Where do I put my head when on all fours? Do I look up like a lioness on pride rock or lean down in a downward dog?
  • Don’t fart, don’t fart, don’t fart…
  • I’m sticking to shaving. Hang on, what's that laser thing...
  • I’ve started praying the next bit will hurt less. I don’t know to who — maybe there’s a waxing God.
  • How do I leave this? Should I shake her hand and say thank you, profusely apologise, or just leg it (head down) out the door?
  • I’m swerving this street for months, I can never face bumping into that woman again.

Now that we're over the shame of the above, here are five tips to make your next waxing appointment (slightly) more bearable…

1. Skip that cappuccino

You may feel like you need to psych yourself up before you hit the waxing table, but steer clear of any caffeine as it boosts your pain receptors. Which means you’ll feel any pain that little bit MORE intensely. Every little bit helps for us wax wimps.

2. Pop a painkiller

A couple of acetaminophen half an hour before you visit the salon can be just the trick for preempting the inevitable pain you’re about to put yourself through.

3. Time it right

You’ve heard it before, but timing is key. Bear in mind that around the time of your period it’s not just your mood that's taking a turn for the monstrous — AVOID the week before your period. The best time is a few days after you’ve finished your period when your pain threshold is at its highest. Bring it on.

4. Hop in the tub

Not only will a soak in the bath help you relax pre-wax, it’ll also open up your hair follicles and soften the hairs to make it easier for your waxer to remove (we can get on board with this). On the flip side, make sure you avoid hot baths for at least a full day after your wax as your skin is vulnerable to infections. Give hot yoga, spinning or the gym a miss to for the same reason. Any excuse.

5. And breathe

Possibly the hardest tip of all. This goes against every impulse, but try your best to breathe deeply and relax your body (even though your body is telling you to knee your waxer). Not only will some deep, yoga-style breaths relax your mind (a bit at least) but when you’re not tensed up your waxing will be easier and less painful too. Double win.

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