xoVideo: Makeup After Day-Drinking

Keep your beauty on point, because summertime and sangria go together hand-in-hand.

Happy Friday to all of us, every one! As we cruise into the weekend, this video on hair, makeup, and day-drinking couldn't be better timed. If you can't see the video below, you can watch me do makeup while tipsy here.

Points of interest...

HAIR. Including some awesome drunk science, a song for my bangs (and another one for my ponytail) and a defective flower. 0:59

FACE. Falling in love with makeup removal wipes and how NOT to poke yourself in the eye (this is why my right one is red and kind of closed). Featuring sweating out wine, and judging muchness with regards to bronzer, blush, and highlighter. 1:39

EYES. The easiest smoky eyes IN THE WORLD, seriously, it requires two products and you CANNOT screw it up, which is really good, because you know I'd manage. The neutral brown eye shadow I used is from the Lancome Color Design Palette in Taupe Craze, and the dark is MAC Eyeshadow in Carbon. Also, eyebrow prevention and the truth about what Richard III shouted on the field of battle. 2:50

LIPS. Advice on formula and color, plus applying it without a mirror (and with a lot of eye contact). The lipstick I'm wearing is Dior Addict Lipstick in Rock n Roll, a great glimmer-y and sheer warm red. 4:30

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How do you fix your faces after you've been day-drinking? What's your best sangria recipe? Are you proud that this entire video isn't me impersonating Dr. Steve Brule? Because that was TEMPTING.