Heavy-Handed? Here Are 3 Tricks to Help You Tone Down Accidentally Intense Makeup

We all get a little carried away sometimes.
Publish date:
June 24, 2016
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There's a definite place in the beauty world for heavier makeup application but on a day-to-day basis, not everyone is into that. If you're a person that can be heavy-handed when it comes to applying makeup, it may be tough not to go crazy when you’re going for a lighter look. If you do go overboard right out of the gate, that’s OK — you don’t always have to start from scratch!

Here are a few ways that you can adjust your makeup without have to remove everything and start over.

Too much foundation?

If you go a little too HAM on that liquid (or cream) foundation, try spraying your face with a mist of some sort to dampen the foundation a bit if it’s already set.

Once you’ve got a good mist going, take a dampened beautyblender (or comparable beauty sponge — those little makeup wedges work fine, too) and tap it all over your face to do some additional blending.

I found that employing this method picks up some of the excess product and presses the rest in for a more natural finish. Does it totally sheer it out? No, but it does help eliminate the caked-on look.

Too much product on the brush?

Sometimes the problem isn’t really heavy-handedness, but rather that you have too much product on your brush. I am definitely guilty of getting too much eyeshadow, foundation, blush, etc. on my brush.

I’ve made it a habit now to tap my brushes by the handle against my hand if I’m using powder to get any excess off. If I’m using liquid products, I’ll tap the bristles against a clean spot on the back of my hand to get rid of some of that product first.

Too much blush?

Speaking of blush, there is nothing more terrifying to me then when I get too much blush on my face.

While I like heavy blush for some more editorial looks (like Sam’s white liner/hot pink blush combo), it’s just not practical for my everyday look.

A quick fix for heavy blush is to go back in and blend it out a bit by buffing over it with a foundation brush.

You’re not depositing a whole lot of extra product over the top, but it definitely diffuses the color. A big fluffy powder brush works well, too!

  • How do you fix your makeup mistakes?
  • Are you heavy-handed like me?