You Asked: "HELP! How Do I Fix Makeup Mistakes?"

In today's video, I show you four quick fixes for common cosmetic screw-ups.
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June 20, 2014
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Hello, my loves! Happy Friday! I hope you enjoy today's video--it was a lot of fun to make. As always, if you can't watch it below, you can view it at the source.

Points of interest...

Makeup Mistake #1: Mascara Disaster

Introducing the twisting motion that is going to be your best friend throughout these tutorials, how to repair your eyeshadow once the mascara has been taken off, excusing my beauty. Begins at 0:37.

Makeup Mistake #2: Too Much Blush

RuPaul lives for anyone wearing too much rouge, but we don't all want to look like we're dying of consumption (RIP Ruby Gillis). Your secret weapon for fixing this is a pulled-apart cotton ball, and the final method to diffuse any leftover color is a total surprise. Begins at 1:42.

Makeup Mistake #3: Uneven Eyeliner

THE HORROR. I cover a bunch of things in this part, so I'm breaking the time stamps down for you. The whole thing begins at 2:49. To fix a really big problem: 2:59. To fix a smaller problem: 2:23 (featuring Q-TIP VIOLENCE). To repair eyeshadow afterwards (it's exactly the same as with mascara), plus a look at how fast I can draw in my liner: 3:48. To fix foundation that's been removed: 4:09. Phew! Comprehensive!

Makeup Mistake #4: Long wear lip color accident.

A slip of the hand becomes a huge issue when a tenacious formula is involved. I'm wearing Make Up For Ever Aqua Rouge lip color in fuchsia here, as it is my favorite forever. Begins at 4:33.

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How do you guys fix your makeup mishaps? What's the BIGGEST screw up you've ever made? If you tell me yours, I'll tell you about the time I accidentally put black hairspray in my very blonde hair right before a dance performance.