You Asked: "How Can I Feel Pulled-Together While Working From Home?"

Handle your telecommuting beauty with easy products to make you feel like the productive Girl Boss you are.

Alle! I’m in college and I’ve started doing some freelance writing, so I spend a lot of time in front of my laptop. I know you work from home, but I don’t think you’re sitting around in sweatpants with greasy skin and a top knot (like me). I want to be a writer, but I don’t want to be a mess. What makeup do you wear when you aren’t in an office every day? And how can I feel more pulled-together when I work from home?” --Matilda Briggs.

Working from home can be both a blessing and a curse. It’s a blessing because my commute is about thirty seconds from bed to desk, and my dog is the cutest coworker ever. I also love having the freedom to change my schedule around when I need it. But it can also be really hard because you’re never NOT at work, and it’s really easy to get lazy with your look. Here’s how I handle my telecommuting beauty.

Some people think it’s strange that I wear makeup, even though I work by myself and nobody is going to see me. It isn’t because I don’t like how I look without makeup (because I do) or because I want to hide my naked face away. I put it in the same category as why I wear fancy underwear--I wear it because I like it and I like the way it makes me feel. I don’t care if anyone else sees it. Other people aren’t the point.

Working from home means that I have to motivate myself to be productive. I don’t feel very motivated when I’m slumped on the couch with an unwashed face, wearing my pajamas. I find that dressing well, wearing some makeup and fixing my hair goes a long way toward making me feel more professional and ready to take on the writing world.

I work out after breakfast (no makeup for that), and after I’ve showered, I get ready for the day. No matter what I have on my schedule, moisturizer and SPF are ESSENTIAL. Even if I skip makeup altogether (and there are definitely days I do this), my skin is always protected from the sun. CeraVe AM is moisturizing without being greasy and has a great SPF. As a bonus, despite the zinc in the sunscreen, it doesn’t reflect the flash from my camera oddly if I’m shooting pictures later.

I dot some Make Up For Ever Full Cover Concealer onto any blemishes, scars and dark circles that I have and blend well with my fingers. You only need the tiniest amount of this product, and it stays put ALL day.

I finish up with NARS Pressed Powder, which I find more like a light powder foundation in consistency. It gives me far more coverage than ordinary tinted powder does, but doesn’t look cake-y or feel heavy on my skin.

I curl my eyelashes and apply a single coat of waterproof mascara to my top and bottom lashes. This stops them from scraping against my glasses, which is the GROSSEST FEELING IN THE WORLD. If I have meetings, no matter how informal or how Skype-based, I’ll also define my eyebrows--if I’m just staying home writing, I won’t bother.

Finally, I tend to my lips. If it’s a writing day and I’m feeling excited and motivated, I’ll stick to Rosebud Salve to keep my kisser hydrated and flake-free.

If I need to feel like a Professional Business Lady, I’ll apply some minimalist color to help me get it together. Lipstick Queen’s Saint Deep Red is a beautiful sheer red that enhances my natural lip color without being overpowering.

Revlon ColorBurst Lip Butters in Sorbet and Pink Truffle are my current obsessions. Sorbet is a flattering candy-pink that's sheer enough to match anything I wear, and Pink Truffle is a brownish-pink that reminds me of the '90s in the best way.

I don’t like having my hair down when I work because it’s DISTRACTING, and because I heat-style my hair hardcore for photos, I try to keep hot tools away from it whenever I can. For writing days. I usually pull it up into a mid-ponytail or fix it in a braid crown. That way it looks cute and it’s out of my face.

That’s it. This simple beauty routine takes about five to six minutes to do, and it’s always worth the effort.

I feel a lot more productive when I’ve taken the time to put together a look I love, however minimal. And I also feel a lot more confident in telling you guys to do the same.

This doesn’t just apply to people who work from home. Since Matilda Briggs is in college (and not, as one may believe, a ship), a word to the similarly-aged students out there: you may think that you don’t have to look nice to go to class every day. You may look around at the sea of pajama pants in lecture hall and think, Why bother? That is not the attitude that you want to take. At some point in the next four years, you’re going to be asking your professors for letters of recommendation, references, leads on internships, and even jobs. Believe me, they notice who shows up to class, they notice who participates, and they notice who takes 10 minutes to present themselves well. College is a great time to have fun, but it’s also the prelude to your professional life. Distinguish yourself as best you can.

As Jake the Dog said on Adventure Time, “Peeps gotta respect themselves when they leave the house, even if it’s just to get ice cream or toilet paper.” Respect yourself. Take 10 minutes to wash your face, fix your hair, put on some makeup (if that’s your thing, and I assume it is because you’re reading a beauty blog), and go to class or work.

Even if work is a desk in your bedroom.

As ever, if you have a question you'd like to ask me (and my pink pants), sing out, Louise! You can find me on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr & Instagram.

Now let's talk: what do you do for beauty if/when you work from home? What's your favorite Professional Business Lady lip color? What did you wear to class in college? I can't believe some of the elaborate makeup looks I used to put together to go to Biology lab. Can you spot any sentimental stuff in the picture above?