xoVideo: How To Contour Your Cheekbones

Defined cheekbones are definitely IN, and I'm showing you how to get this dramatically natural look.

Greetings, Earthlings! Ask and you shall receive: I've finally made a video about cheekbone contouring! As always, if you can't watch the video below, check it out at the source.

Points of Interest

#1. Location. Every human has cheekbones. Here's how to find yours if they aren't super-visible. I also get confused by ear anatomy and there are subtitles. 0:47#2. Products. Tips on selecting the right product for the job, as well as all the deets on the brush I'm using. 1:33#3. Application! Oh man, SO MUCH IN THIS SECTION: how to apply the dark contour, where to place it, how to blend it (with a detour into the importance of cleaning your brush), and how to make it gloriously subtle. I also show you how crucial it is to highlight. Can't have shadows without some highlights! 2:14

In this video I'm using MAC Sculpting Powder (mine is from the Maleficent release, but it's part of the permanent line now) and I am wearing Cle de Peau Ulta-Rich Lipstick in Quatre Saisons.

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Yay! I hope that this is helpful, and that you're booking tickets to Cheekbone Planet as we speak. What's your chosen cheekbone contouring product? Are you into this New Contour, or do you prefer the SUPERDRAMA of the old guard? How's your day been? Tell me everything down in the comments!