How To Quickly And Completely Remove Stubborn Glitter Nail Polish

Or why you should never hesitate to apply glitter polish again.
Publish date:
February 6, 2014
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This is one of those old-school tricks employed by nail pros and glitter fiends around the globe. I learned about it from a friend while sipping a blueberry vodka tonic and lamenting, with much heartache, the woes of removing glitter nail polish.

On one hand, I bemoaned, glitter is fabulous and fun and evokes girlish dreams of times gone by. On the other… it's a pain in the you-know-what.

Her response? "Girl, that's an easy fix. Check this out!"

And from that fateful evening forward, I was never the same hesitant-to-use-glitter-on-my-nails girl again.

Nor shall you be, either, my dears. So please, don't thank me. Thank my friend--and the many women before her who use this trick--the next time you're trying to decide if a glitter mani is actually worth all the trouble. Because you know what? A sparkling, shimmering, glimmering nail job actually breeds no trouble at all.

Here's what we're working with, ladies. That's three coats of a holographic glitter top coat. It's thick and amazing and it ain't comin' off with a simple swipe of nail polish remover. And don't even think about soaking your finger in one of those frigid tubs of acetone-soaked sponges. ::shudder::

Quick explanation: The reason you wrap the cotton ball in foil is so the remover doesn't evaporate. Plus, the foil presses the cotton ball onto the nail and helps the remover penetrate deep down.

Repeat this process on all your glittery nails and wait for about five minutes. You can pretend that you are a funny beauty alien while waiting, if you like.

Now, go forth and apply all the glitter.