xoVain Open Thread: Bag Lady

This is what creating a beauty closet looks like. It's not so bad.
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March 28, 2014
open thread

This is my life right now. We are in the process of creating xoVain’s very first real beauty closet. Products are rolling in. What we’re missing is the closet part. That’s coming soon, thankfully.

This will be the third beauty closet I’ve organized from scratch in my career. The first one was just four small shelves. The second was a big leap forward: two enormous floor-to-ceiling cabinets. (When I was at Allure, the closet was more like a storage unit. It was large, to say the least, and a fairly well-oiled machine.)

Here, for number three, we’re getting a bunch of rolling wardrobe-like things. Once those are set up, we’ll get busy with the Brother P-touch and start labeling the shelves. Next, we’ll fill them with all of the stuff in these bags, organized by category, and add to them as new stuff rolls in.

At home, I have a pretty intense beauty closet of my own. Everything is sorted by product type in clear bins. Drawers are also sorted by product type--it’s so much easier to put on makeup in the morning when you know where everything is. I am by no means a hyper-organized person, but after nearly a decade of doing this, I have my system pretty well figured out.

So yes, this is the fun part. There’s something really satisfying about starting from scratch, you know?

What does your beauty storage look like? Share that, as well as any of your tried-and-true product-organizing tips, with us in the comments!

And share your non-organizational beauty thoughts, as well, as always.