Open Thread: Will You Be xoVain’s New Intern?

This is not a drill.
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August 8, 2014
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Shortly after I arrived here, just about five months ago (time flies!), I wrote this xoVain FAQ, because there were a lot of questions about all the changes happening behind the scenes. One of them was, “Do you need interns?” At the time, the answer was no. But now…

It’s YES. And we need two.

And guess what? It could be you. Here are the basic requirements:

• Get college credit (this is an unpaid opportunity)

• Be in New York City (I know, I'm sorry it can't be a tele-internship)

• Work between 2-3 days a week (we’ll split up the duties between two people)

• Start late August/early September (crucial!)

• Must be obsessed with beauty (obviously)

• Know your way around Photoshop, content management systems, and digital cameras (non-negotiable)

But here’s some additional intel that DaMonica, who will be overseeing the program, wants aspiring interns to know:

5 Things You Should Be:

1. Always alert and ready to learn.

2. Willing to do any just about any task. No matter how big or small. (As long as it’s legal and ethical.)

3. Open to assisting people who aren't on your immediate team. For example, by helping our social media editor, you may learn that you like social media much more than being a beauty editor. And that’s fine! See #1.

4. Asking questions. No matter how many. It's better to do something right than do it wrong and have your manager redo it for you.

5. Having fun and enjoying your experience!

5 Things You Shouldn't Be

1. Late. I understand things happen, but I also believe in the "three strikes, you're out" rule.

2. Sitting around waiting for someone to give you a task. Always ask if there’s something you can do until you’re given the green light to leave for the day.

3. Taking a casual work environment too casually. Wearing jeans to work doesn't mean it's OK to wear booty shorts and crop tops.

4. Thinking you're only there for big or sexy projects. There are a lot of small, unsexy things that need to get done.

5. Badmouthing any past internship experiences or managers to your current supervisor. Media is a small industry and many of us know each other.

So, it's all out there. No beauty secrets, remember? Do you think you want to be our new intern(s)? I hope you do. We would love to have you. Click here to apply.

Have questions about the internship? Any beauty issues to discuss? Put it all in the comments, because your thread is open.

PS: In other staffing news, please join me in giving a big high-five to Sable, our newest contributing editor. And a round of applause for Alle, who is taking on a senior contributing editor role. Hey now!

Editor's Note: headline updated to reflect that there have been other interns in xoVain's history.