How to Apply False Eyelashes, Explained in Foolproof GIF Format

If they survive some hard blinking, they'll probably survive a night out.
Publish date:
February 19, 2016
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I'm super-addicted to wearing false eyelashes. These days, my face just feels naked without them.

Because I wear them all the time, it takes me only a couple seconds to put them on now, but I know many people that are clueless as to how to put them on. I haven't mastered Trista's way of applying them underneath the eyelashes yet because it creeps me out, but I have figured out how to put them on top of your lashes — and to make them stay there.

What you'll need:

  • Tweezers. Make sure they're clean so they won't stick to the false lashes.
  • False eyelashes. I love this set. My rule of thumb is to use a pair with a clear strip when you're not wearing eyeliner because they'll blend in easier. If you're wearing eyeliner, you can also opt for a black strip. I try not to put the clear strip on eyeliner because then I have to clean the eyeliner off the strip — it's an act of laziness mostly.
  • An eyelash curler. I have one by Tweezerman and it's fantastic.
  • Eyelash glue. I use a clear latex-based glue by Catrice.

False eyelashes are the final step to your eye look, so you want to make sure all your eye makeup is on. These lashes really get in the way when you have to blend or apply eyeliner. Make sure your natural lashes are already curled and coated in mascara; otherwise, you'll get a weird spiky lash situation when your lashes are on.

I wear false eyelashes with all sorts of looks, but today I opted for a really natural eye. The only thing I do differently when I want to wear lashes is that I tightline. This makes the lashes blend in really well.

These lashes from China have one thing that I really like: they're exactly the right size so I don't have to trim them. I just take them out of the packaging (pull them off from the outer side of the strip, don't pick them up by the hairs because you'll ruin your lashes) and pop on some lash glue.

When the glue gets tacky, I bring them to my eye.

I hold my false eyelashes in the center and I bring them to the middle of my eye. This is a good way of figuring out where to put them. I lay down the false eyelashes on top of my natural lashes, so I can still rearrange them if needed.

When I'm happy with the placement of my false eyelashes, I first secure them to my outer corner. I prefer doing that with my fingers because there's a smaller chance of poking yourself in the eye, and I think it's easier.

Now that the lashes have been secured to the outer corner it's time to bring them to the inner corner. I just pick up the inner end of the lashes and pull that all the way in to the inner corner. Then, I simply tuck that part in. Sometimes the tweezers pick up the glue from that part of the lashes, so then I'll apply some more lash glue and then tuck that part in again and hold that until the glue is dry.

Try not to blink a lot when the glue hasn't dried down completely because it might make them shift.

To make the false lashes blend in, I curl my lashes again. The eyelash curler pushes the false and real lashes together and makes it look really natural, rather than having a big set of fake lashes poking out.

I'm a Dutch girl with a fear of driving, so I'm always riding my bike. My lashes need to be resistant to my teary eyes, whether it be from riding my bike or boys who make me cry. In order for your lashes to survive, you'll just have to make sure the worst has already happened. That's when I just blink super-hard a couple eyes. If they survive some hard blinking, they'll probably survive a night out. If they're already coming loose, I hit those areas with some extra lash glue.

And this is the final result! Hello lashes!

To conclude this tutorial, I have some extra tips for you:

  • Those eyelash glue minis that come with most lashes are ideal for putting in your going-out bag. Even if you don't like the glue too much, just distribute those minis over your bags and you'll always be safe in case of a lash emergency.
  • When you take off your lashes after a long night of dancing (or grocery shopping, if you're a false-lash addict like me) put them back in the packaging! I am saying this from a hygienic point of view, but also because you won't get scared thinking there's a spider in your makeup drawer.

What are your favorite false eyelashes? Are you a lash addict like me?