Never Get Lipstick On Your Teeth Again

Thanks to my mama (and Google), I've come up with a method to keep my pigment off my pearly whites.
Publish date:
August 11, 2014
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I don't know about you, but I'm fed up of hearing, "Check your teeth, hon." Ugh. Lipstick on your chompers is the WORST. And it's the ultimate worst when you discover it yourself and think, That's why everyone was staring at my teeth.

But I have news for you: those occasional lipstick-on-the-teeth moments that seem unavoidable are, in fact, avoidable. After countless hours Googling, reflecting on my mom's advice, and combining different tricks, I've come up with a method that, while a bit high maintenance, will guard your teeth against fallout lip color. All. Freaking. Day.

Step 1: Concealer

Tap your shade of concealer onto your lips. I prefer liquid to go under lipsticks with a glossy finish, and powder to go under matte formulas. This will cement the shade to your pout and keep it from getting squirrely. Plus, it keeps your color vivid when you blot (more on that later).

Step 2: Lip liner/color

Apply lip liner, if that's your bag. It's not mine, so I just swipe on my color of choice.

Step 3: The Finger Trick

This is where my sweet, Mrs. Weasley-esque mother comes in. Stick your middle finger (since it's the longest) all the way into your mouth with lips slightly pouted. Pull your finger out slowly to see the ring of lip color that's been removed from the "danger zone."

Step 4: Tissue time

Sometimes step three needs a backup. First, blot your lips lightly, then place the tissue over your lips. Use a fluffy powder brush to sweep translucent powder over your lips and through the tissue. This helps bond the color to your lips.

Step 5: Reapply

Finally, reapply the color to ONLY the outer two-thirds of your lips. This way the parts of your lips that touch your teeth will stay transfer-proof.

What lipstick tips did your mama teach you? I'm down to try anything for the sake of my pearly whites.