The Beauty Myth That Left Me With Egg On My Face, Literally And Figuratively

In case you were thinking of trying this, don’t. But read on for a useful cooking tip!
Publish date:
May 14, 2013
hooded eyelids, eggs, beauty myths, Pinterest, eyelids

I have hooded eyes. Many people do. It’s nothing to be ashamed of, but sometimes it’s frustrating to put a lot of work into my eye makeup knowing that no one will see it unless my eyes are closed. And walking around a party with your eyes closed is weird and dangerous.

So when I came across this tip on Pinterest (of course) to “fix” hooded or drooping eyes, I thought I’d give it a go and see if I could reclaim a little bit of eyelid. (Spoiler alert: nope.) All it called for: egg whites and a Q-tip. Easy peasy!

Obviously, to get only egg whites, you have to separate the egg, which some people find intimidating. Here’s the part of the tutorial, where I actually impart valuable information: The Best Way to Separate an Egg.

  1. Crack the egg onto a plate.
  2. Take the cap off an empty water bottle and squeeze some air out of it. Still squeezing, touch the mouth of the bottle to the egg yolk.
  3. Release the pressure on the bottle, sucking up the yolk, perfectly intact!

Now that I had my egg whites, I dipped my Q-tip in and swiped it along the crease of my eye and let it dry, as directed.

I did both eyes. Here is my dramatic before and after, if “dramatic” means “absolutely zero results.”

Yeah, so there appears to be no appreciable difference. It did make my skin feel tighter, but as far as looks? Nuh-uh.

The tutorial suggests trying it a few times, varying where you put the egg whites to find what works for you, but of the three times I tried--crease, above the crease, basically my whole eyelid up to my eyebrow--nothing made a difference.

So, this is a beauty myth busted, if you can call something I stumbled across on Pinterest a myth. Don’t try this at home, but do make an awesome meringue now that you know the coolest way to separate eggs.

What beauty tips have you tried (from Pinterest or elsewhere) that turned out to be B.S.?