3 Beauty Products That Bring Out My Inner Stevie Nicks

Wherein I profess my love for some 'hippie' beauty products and manage to not mention coconut oil even once.
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May 13, 2014
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I don’t know if it’s growing up in California or the fact that I was raised by an aging hippie, but there is a deep connection to the '70s that exists within me. Most of the music I listen to was created in the '70s; Stevie Nicks is and will always be my #1 style/life icon, and if I could pick a year to time travel to it would be 1976, for sure.

This fervent love for all things '70s mostly manifests itself in Joni Mitchell’s Blue playing on repeat (replete with earnest sing along), but it is definitely reflected in my somewhat all-or-nothing beauty style too. For me, it’s usually either a no-makeup tomboy hippie vibe or a give-me-all-of-your-eyeliner-and-gold-things disco queen.

The place my hippie side shines the most is definitely in my product regimen. I know a lot of people think most “natural” beauty claims are BS, but if I can actually identify most of the things on the ingredient list of a product, I’m about 100 times more likely to buy it. However, because I am equally as enamored with the glamour of the '70s as I am with the back-to-nature business, if a product is “natural” and fancy, well then I’m sold.

With that, behold: my favorite “natural” products for the glamorous hippie in us all!


This product was introduced to me by my amazing friend/pilates teacher Marina who is, like, the perfect example of a modern glamour hippie. She’s supremely attractive and most things I do, I do because I think they might make me more like her.

Anyway, she bought me a tube of this stuff for my birthday, and it was the best gift ever.

It’s a blend of a whole bunch of different oils, with the primary oil being jojoba. Now, allegedly jojoba oil is a lot like sebum (the oil your skin produces) so when you use jojoba oil, your skin registers the jojoba as naturally occurring oil and then doesn’t over or under produce sebum (or something, I’m not a scientist, leave me alone). I will say that since I started using this stuff my skin has evened out in terms of oiliness/dryness, and I use a lot less moisturizer.

Goe Oil happens to be an excellent makeup remover, too, so on days where I do wear makeup, instead of washing my face at night I slather on a little bit of this stuff and then wipe it off with a warm washcloth. It leaves my face moisturized and makeup-free.

This product is also great as a body moisturizer or as a highlight on my cheekbones, and it smells amaaazing because it’s got monoi oil in it. Basically, if I were into streamlining I could replace about five things in my beauty arsenal with this stuff and be totally happy.


All of my friends make fun of me for buying this stuff because it is essentially a $50 bottle of water and alcohol, but IDGAF because it works!

I use it as toner after washing my face in the morning AND after I put my makeup on to soften things up and bring some moisture back to the surface of my face. It has legitimately changed the texture of my skin; it’s softer, suppler and my makeup goes on easier.

It also has this really nice rosemary-mint scent that is super-refreshing and tingly when you put it on. I love this stuff, so if you’ve got some cash to burn (what up tax return!) I highly recommend it.


I’d been on a multi-year quest for the perfect conditioner before I found this stuff because my hair is super-dry and all conditioners seemed to make it worse. Then, my friend Katie who owns my favorite little beauty shop MioMia, told me about this and basically saved my life.

From what I understand, it contains some kind of Amazonian rainforest secrets, but I could be totally wrong about that. What I love is that it has a bunch of different oils in it and doesn’t have stuff that dries out my hair.

I have a ton of friends who use this conditioner, and we all have extremely different hair, but it seems to work perfectly on all of us. It’s also great on color-treated hair which I can totally vouch for as my Manic Panic funfetti hair lasted FOREVER with this stuff.

The only thing that’s not awesome about it is the way it smells which is kind of licorice-y and medicinal. Honestly though, the smell doesn’t last and the benefits way outweigh the demerits.

So those are my top three Fancy Bitch Approved™ hippie beauty products. Now take to the comments and yell at me for recommending $40 conditioner. I might not be able to hear you over the Grateful Dead, though.