How To Hibernate Luxuriously

Because when the cold weather sets in, I turn into a very chic baby bear.

I'm feeling like a baby bear this fall for a lot of reasons.

One, I live in a basement apartment that feels super cave-like 99% of the time. Two, I work from home, so I very rarely have to leave the house. Three, I've been snacking like some beast trying to put on a thick layer of warming body fat. Plain corn tortillas at 1 a.m.? Why not?!

Obviously, spending this much time indoors can get a little depressing. Hello, vitamin D, where you at? Add in to the equation that I've been sick with a sinus infection since last week. So now I'm a tired, drugged, snuffly baby bear. Kind of cute, I guess, but mostly depressing.

Being cooped up means I crave some kind of stimulation to avoid going stir-crazy. Usually, this stimulation is beauty-related since my products are abundant, and pampering doesn't require me to use a lot of energy.

So, here is my mini-plan for when you've got a few hours to yourself. Maybe you're sick like me; maybe it's a cold, rainy Sunday and you can't be bothered to leave the house. Whatever your excuse, I'm going to give you a couple things to do so you feel kind of, sort of productive, but overall end up smelling nice and feeling clean and pretty. Yay!

First things first: let's talk about your feet. It's November, which means most of us are now wearing boots and heavy socks. You probably haven't looked at your feet in a while. Here, I'll give you a second--take a gander.

They're looking pretty mangled, aren't they? If the answer is yes, then the solution is the Emjoi Micro-Pedi, a magical foot-buffing tool that gently whisks away calluses and dry skin to make you feel like you've just had a super-intensive pedicure. Except you don't have to leave the house or tip anyone. Whoo!

I will usually use this while sitting on the couch watching TV (I love anything I can use while watching TV) and will gleefully stare down at my feet as they go from scary and witchlike to foot model-esque softness. You can also buy a manicure attachment kit for the Micro-Pedi, which comes with various rotating buffers and files to give you the prettiest finger- and toe-nails ever.

The next step is to draw yourself two baths. You're probably thinking, "Wait, what, TWO baths?" What I mean is, fill your sink and your bathtub with hot water because you're not only going to take a bath yourself, but it's also time to wash your delicates.

Washing delicates is a pain in the ass, but why not let your fanciest bras and cashmere have a soak while you get clean? Multitasking! Lately I've been pouring a few capfuls of detergent from Tocca's Delicato da Viaggio Laundry Travel Set into my sink and hand-washing my delicates like a grown-up because treating your clothes like garbage is for babies!

The set contains four bottles in some of Tocca's bestselling scents: Touch (gardenia and pomegranate), Cleopatra (grapefruit and cucumber), Stella (Italian blood orange), and Florence (English rose and iris root). Basically this means your laundry ends up smelling really, really good.

The bottles are tiny enough to throw in your toiletry bag for a trip (each one containing enough fluid for six hand washes or three machine washes) so that you can keep your underthings fresh while you're on vacation; but they're just as essential at home for those things you can't throw in with everything else. I fill my sink with hot water, pour in a few capfuls of my preferred scent, and then let my clothes soak while I do the same in the tub.

Now, more about the tub: this is the time to relax. Obviously if you're sick like I've been, then a super-hot bath is in order to help you sweat out all your gross germs. I threw in a Lush bubble bar (The Comforter, to be exact) and grabbed my diary to write in as my relaxed brain thought thoughts.

One key to this relaxing bath is CANDLES. I love taking a bath with candles because it's a great time to burn them and smell their fancy smells; and I know that when I get out of the tub, I won't forget to put them out. I'll be stepping out and be all like, "Oh right, this is a fire hazard. *phhhfffff*"

The other night I burned two of Catbird's lovely Travel Candles, Tarot Deck and Fleurs de Nuit. However, since winter is upon us (and I feel like that's the time when I get really splurge-y on myself), might I suggest the gorgeous candles from Frédéric Malle, particularly the Notre Dame by Bruno Jovanovic for Frédéric Malle Candle? With the "deep mystical smell of a French cathedral," it's got notes of incense, cold stone and cedar. It's wintery while avoiding all the typical notes. No pumpkin spice here; just a super-unique, super-classy candle in a gorgeous red glass (hey, festive!).

OK, so you've had your soak. If you're feeling sweaty and bewildered (this usually happens when you're sick), blow out your candles and rinse off with a cool shower. Towel off and rinse out your delicates and hang them up to dry.

Now, your feet have been buffed and now they're probably feeling super-soft from soaking in the tub. Now is the time for the foot cream from above. I mean, literally I mentioned it above but it is also from heaven.

I'm talking The Body Shop's Hemp Foot Protector. Apparently this is for men's feet, but I'm not into the rules, and if something's good enough for a man's gross feet, it's good enough for mine!

Now, my tiny jar came in a hemp gift set, but if you purchase it, you'll get a generous sized tub that will last your feet through the winter and beyond. It's got a beeswax-infused formula that locks in moisture, and apparently it's intended for "very dry skin." That means if your feet plan on being contained in itchy wool socks for the next few months, this product is for you.

Now throw on some cute slippers and a movie and continue to hibernate like the pro that you are.