Heroin Chic: Can A Nonaddict Pull Off The Look?

I was in elementary school when this look was big, but I'm trying to bring it back. Here's how.

I can pull off many looks. I can wear almost any eyeshadow/glitter/bright lips/bedazzling and not look bizarre. But I’ve never been able to pull off being 100% "edgy."

I’ve always tried to have that really edgy look that some girls can pull off effortlessly, but I keep failing. In middle school, I bought a Nirvana shirt to be cooler. When I wanted to look edgy in high school, I would layer my pink Lacoste polo over a black Lacoste polo instead of layering it over a baby blue one like on a normal day.

To me, Mischa Barton looked the best on The OC when she ditched her Chanel and Marc Jacobs and started dating Volchek and doing cocaine. During her downward spiral she started wearing way more black, smelling terrible, and not washing her perfect hair every day.

And the edgiest of edgy and effortlessly cool is the heroin chic look. Remember the ‘90s? I don’t really because I was only, like, 10 in 1999, but I am way familiar with heroin chic.

Kate Moss was like the leader of this movement and basically it was a bunch of skinny ladies walking around with long, unwashed hair, dark circles, and pale skin. I guess you’re supposed to look like you spent the weekend binging on heroin and sleeping wherever you end up.

Some aren’t a fan, but I AM, and it’s totally not fair because it’s the one look i can’t pull off. First off, I’m nowhere near drug-addiction skinny. Second, I, like many ladies, try to conceal my dark circles when I go out in public so others aren’t horrified. However, eff all of that because when I moved to New York I told myself I was going to start dressing like one of those really cool New York girls (not hipsters, guys) that roam around the East Village looking like she could be one of Johnny Depp’s ex-girlfriends.

And I’m starting today, even though I’ve been in New York for about a year now.

I thought it would be kewl to see how close I could get to looking like my BEAUTY IDEAL of heroin chic. I would probably wear this look to parties and slouch around like I don’t care about anything and maybe keep some candy cigarettes in my purse or something.

I started off by not washing my hair for a few days. I got to the point where even dry shampoo can’t rescue me. It was way greasier than I’m used to, but I kind of liked it.

I prepped my skin with Urban Decay Naked foundation just to get a more even tone. I patted it on with my fingers because heroin addicts don’t have time to use brushes (unless they are eyeshadow brushes, because I use those later). I’m skipping concealer because I want to bring out my dark circles for this look, not cover them.

Next, I went to work on my eyes. They are the most crucial part of this look afterall. This look is defined by dark, wet/greasy eyes, so before applying any eye makeup, I wet my brush (MAC 217 Blending Brush) in a cup of water. I did this before every single shadow and liner application.

I covered my lids and under my eyes with the gray color in the Dior Incognito eyeshadow palette, and I smudged some under my bottom lash line. If you don’t have this shadow, any light gray will do.

Next, I used the matte black shadow in the Dior Gris VIP palette, which I don’t think is made anymore, but any matte black shadow works (no glitter crap, though). I put this in my outer corners and really worked it into my crease to make my hooded eyes look "sunken."

Then, I took MAC's small angle brush and used that same black shadow to line my top and bottom lash lines. I went over it a few times to really define my eyes, and then I did what I think is the key part of this look: I dipped my finger into the black shadow and put it over my dark circles to make them even darker.

I rubbed it in pretty well and kept layering it until I got the level of darkness I wanted. I aimed for it to still look as natural as possible and not like I made fake dark circles with eyeshadow like a heroin poser. I also used mascara because my light lashes looked nonexistent up against all of this dark shadow.

I haven’t been very precise with anything so far because I think the sloppier the better with this look. Benders are messy, duh.

After doing my eyes, I realized I wasn’t as pale as I wanted to be, so I brushed a MAC Studio Fix powder that’s a tad lighter than my skintone all over my face.

Now on to the cheeks. I have pretty high cheek bones, which works in my favor for this look, but it was quite hard for me to achieve that sunken cheek look since, you know, I’m not starving myself. So, I used NARS blush in Nico, a flesh tone, on my cheekbones right under my dark circles. Then I swiped Benefit Dallas, a rosy bronze, right under that in an upward motion to try and get a sharper angle on my face.

Then, to get a nude lip, I colored in my mouth with MAC lip pencil in Spice and then swiped on some nude gloss I got in a gift set one time.

And that’s the final look. What do you guys think? Do I look edgy? Can I actually pull this off? I actually love it, but I might be delusional. Tell me the truth!