Halloween Tutorial: The Silence Hunter From 'Doctor Who'

Let your Doctor Who-loving freak flag fly with this SUPER last-minute, fandom approved look!

Happy Halloween, everybody! As October draws to a close, so, too, do my spoooooooky tutorials.

For my grand finale, I wanted to do a Doctor Who-inspired SUPER last-minute beauty look. I wanted it to be really quick to put together and instantly recognisable to other Whovians, but for the life of me, I just couldn’t figure it out.

To be honest, I’ve been a bit distracted. I keep thinking that I see movement behind me, but when I turn to look...

...there’s nothing there. It’s so weird.

But anyway, I had to do something, so I decided to noodle around with my usual makeup and maybe work my way into an Amy Pond-inspired look.

I started out with some lightweight BB cream and concealer set with powder, rosy pink blush to mimic Amy’s beautiful complexion and shimmery (not sparkly) highlighter across my cheeks and nose. I gently defined my brows, traced my upper and lower lash lines with smudgy gray eyeliner for definition, applied heaps of mascara, and finished everything with raspberry red lips. This is Make Up Forever Aqua Rouge Lip Color in shade #10, a perfectly Pond reddish-pink.

I left my hair lightly curled for volume, pulling it back into a half-up style. My hair isn’t red or super long (more’s the pity on both counts), but it’s the spirit of the thing that matters most.

I still had my liquid eyeliner in my hand when I heard a crackling noise coming from the old TV behind me. I turned around to look…

...and when I turned back to my mirror, I had these strange marks on my face. I must have drawn them myself--my LORAC Front of the Line PRO makes very delicate lines, and I’d recognize them anywhere--but I couldn’t for the life of me remember WHY I drew them on.

Then, right after I took this picture, I heard it again. That noise. It was so weird…

And then, when I turned back around, I had drawn more tally marks on my face. The lines weren't even nice and straight--they were all haphazard, like I was looking at something else and drawing them at the same time. But what on earth could I have been looking at?

And even weirder, I had written THEY’RE RIGHT BEHIND YOU in my open word document. But there’s nothing behind me. I think I'd remember if there was something behind me!

But these tally marks. It's like I was counting something, but what could I possibly be counting? The prickles on the back of my neck? Because I have to tell you, that’s been happening CONSTANTLY.

Oh my god.

Now I’m drawing on my arms, too. Am I going crazy? Not being able to remember what I do when I do it? What else am I blanking out?

Suddenly there’s a strange, curvaceous shape drawn over my left eye. I’m clutching a metallic black eye shadow shot through with silver glitter and an angled, damp brush.

I know I’m supposed to fill this shape in to complete the look...but I don’t know how I know that…

The shape twitches and becomes three-dimensional, as if by magic. How has this happened? What is this thing on my face?

It whirs, a red light flashes in at my eye and suddenly I know everything. I know what I’ve been counting. Oh god, The Silence are here. They’ve always been here. Not an event in human history has happened without their interference...but to what purpose I don’t know.

Every tally mark on my body is a Silence in my home. I need to get out of here, but where can I go? I’m the only one who can remember these creatures; every other human will forget they exist as soon as they look away.

But I can’t be the only one. Who gave me the pattern for this Eye Drive? How do I know it’s CALLED an Eye Drive? There’s so much that I don’t understand.

I’m walking while I type this. I’m not sure my Eye Drive is functioning correctly anymore; details of The Silence keep slipping out of my head. There’s a man up ahead--a man wearing a black eye patch like mine. Is it The Doctor? Has he been compromised? I’m not sure if I can trust him, but I have to try. Oh no--

The Eye Drives are malfunctioning; my own is fading into two dimensions, then into nothingness. I’m watching people fall. These tally marks are the only way I can remember how many Silences I’ve seen.


  • So while I try to save the world from this terrifying threat, let me know: what's your favorite nerdy last-minute costume?
  • Who has super spur-of-the-moment plans tonight?


(All images not of me are from The Doctor Who Wiki.)