Halloween Makeup Tutorial: Princess Bubblegum

Oh my Glob, it's the best Halloween tutorial ever!

Everyone loves a good scary Halloween look, me more than most. And while monsters are awesome, it’s far from being your ONLY option. When it comes to cuter costumes, what better character to get inspired by than Adventure Time's own Princess Bubblegum?

If you’re not already an Adventure Time fan, Princess Bonnibel Bubblegum (aka PB, Peebles and P-brubs) is the ruler of the Candy Kingdom. She’s smart, strong, and noble, always making it a point to be a good ruler to her people, even when it involves sacrifices. But she’s not perfect--she screws up, loses her temper, and makes the wrong choice sometimes. She’s a great example of a really well-written and interesting female character, which I’d like to see more of in animation.

Bubblegum loves science and spends a lot of her time experimenting. And I mean, sure, sometimes these experiments are huge disasters (*cough cough, LEMONGRAB) but I feel like we should be supporting women in science, even if they do occasionally create horrible shrieking monsters.

So get your spaghetti ready, and let’s create a look worthy of our favorite Princess! It's makeup adventure time!


Due to a series of unfortunate scientific events, my nails are shorter right now than they have been in a while. But responsibility demands sacrifice, so that’s no excuse not to have my manicure game on point!

I applied two coats of China Glaze’s Sexy Silhouette, then painstakingly applied a single light blue glitter sequin at the base of each nail to recall the blue gem in my crown. Two angled lines of gold glitter for sparkle and princess-like majesty completed the look!

All told, this took me about half an hour, including drying time. That’s a time commitment I can make, in between ruling my kingdom and conducting important scientific experiments.


I added some candy biomass to make my hair grow two feet and turn bright pink. OK, not really. I actually went to Epic Cosplay and ordered the Dionysus wig in Raspberry Pink, then cut VERY slightly U-shaped bangs into the front and some shorter front layers on either side.

If you’ve never cut a wig before, it’s not like cutting regular hair. You REALLY need to work carefully, and one layer at a time. Don’t rush yourself!

Finally, I used my flat iron on low heat to straighten out the kinks in the hair. This particular wig is OK to heat style (within reason), but double-check what yours is made of before you fire up the hot tools.

And my hair is done! I added a gold Princess crown that I’d made out of glittery cardboard from the craft store and a jewel from an old necklace, and I’m ready to rule my candy people!


In my trials, I was unable to paint myself pale pink without it either being totally unnoticeable or REALLY REALLY CREEPY. Chalk this up to something that works better in animation than real life.

So instead of making my skin a flat candy shade, I used my ordinary BB cream and concealer, then set about painting myself shimmery pink instead. I made a custom mixture of Medusa’s Makeup Body Shimmer in Ghostly and MAC Iridescent Powder in Silver Dusk and brushed it heavily all over my face, neck, chest, and arms.

To really hammer home Bubblegum’s unbearable pinkness of being, I used candy pink blush with some sparkle (this is Pink Sprinkles from the MAC Simpsons collection) starting at the tail of my eyebrow, blending around my temple, heavily under my cheekbone, then across my cheeks beneath my eyes. I also added a teeny bit to the tip of my nose and underneath my jaw as if I were contouring.

I finished up with some fine holographic glitter over the top of the blush, because I was thinking a lot about candy sprinkles and why not.

Now you’re a bajillion years old but don’t look a day over 19!


I kept this pretty simple, because PB’s eyes are literal black dots. I used Dust (a light, shimmery pink) from the Urban Decay Naked3 Palette all over my mobile lid, then added Buzz (a darker cool pink) to define my crease a little.

I applied MAC 7 Lash Fake Eyelashes, then hid the band with a very, very thin line of liquid eyeliner extended out in a flat cat-eye shape. I added some mascara to blend my natural eyelashes into the false ones and lined my lower waterline with white kohl. Don’t use any mascara on your lower lashes--all the focus is meant to be up on top.

I filled in my brows with deep pink eye shadow. You can barely see this because my bangs are too spectacular, but I wanted to mention it anyway.

Scope my finished eyeballs!

So glad I have makeup science on my side.


Again, I wanted to stick to the candy theme going on here, so I used Maybelline Color Sensational Vivids in Pink Pop (an opaque baby pink) all over my lips and applied Lipstick Queen’s AMAZING Let Them Eat Cake overtop. This gave me an amazing, sugary-sweet lip color, with heaps of sparkle and interest.

Oh my Glob, are you ready to see the completed look?

Are you flipping OUUUUUUT?

Peeps will always be stylish and glamorous in my eternal Candy Kingdom!

  • Who else is dressing up in a non-scary Halloween costume this year?
  • Are you feeling this mathematical look? I am unexpectedly digging this blush application!