Halloween Makeup Tutorial: Marge Simpson

My friend Jessica let me Marge Simpson her. Say thank you to Jessica, everyone!
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October 14, 2014
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Guys, I think I have a better time dressing other people for Halloween than I do dressing myself. I face paint, hairstyle, or cut and sew my way into other people’s costumes at an average of three per year.

I have a few theories about how to make a good costume a great one, and one of those is sometimes throwing accuracy out the window. Part of the fun is looking like a slightly less realistic version of whatever you are supposed to be. When that character is a cartoon, things can get a little bit more fuzzy. Coming close, but not as close as possible, is key. Looking like a real person version of a cartoon is light years more hilarious than a matchy-matchy store-bought costume.

My friend Jessica expressed a desire to be Marge Simpson for Halloween. I knew that with my help she could nail it while still looking like herself! Jess is a stylist working at Jack Threads, and she is a super radical human who I love to hang out with.

I have seen some of the Simpsons-based costumes out there, and one thing they all get wrong is the hair, so that was my main focus here. I also didn’t want to paint goofy fake eyes when I could work with Jess’ natural features.

Marge Simpson Costume: What You'll Need

  • A green sleeveless dress and a red necklace or pearls
  • Ricky’s 4x4 brush (works expertly on those curls!)
  • Plastic color bowl and brush
  • Hair pins
  • Bobby pins
  • Bun additions or Hot Buns
  • A small ball of Kanekalon hair
  • White creamy face paint
  • Ben Nye Basic Yellow Creme Color
  • Blue temporary hair paint

HAIR - How To Get Marge's Beehive

Jessica has awesome curl texture, but if you don’t have a whole lot of curl, you can set your hair in TP like this. You will have a much easier time working with a lot of curl than trying to arrange straight hair into this particular beehive. The curl gives the hair volume and shape, which keeps the style in place better than hairspray ever would.

First, I lightly detangled Jess’ hair to stretch out her curl pattern slightly, allowing me more volume to play with.

Then I built a tall beehive shape on her head by first pinning a small ball of Kanekalon faux hair right at her crown.

I secured a bit more of the crown hair around a Hot Bun, tucked everything into the center, and pinned it securely. I repeated this with a second Hot Bun and more hair from the crown, building a tall and concealed beehive.

Last, I lightly combed all of her remaining hair and arranged each section up and into the beehive with hair pins. Doing this in four sections around the head allows you to secure each section independently, which is a bit easier than getting the whole head perfect all at once.

Now for the fun part: PAINTING!

Since no stores around me had blue hair spray in stock for the holiday, I had to improvise with a creamy temporary color. To add opacity, I gave it a healthy squirt of the white cream makeup and mixed it in a color bowl for easy application.

Using a color brush, apply the blue color all around, brushing upward so that the hair keeps its shape. Save a teeny bit for the eyebrows.


I applied the white cream makeup to add opacity to the yellow cream we will be using later. This base is an important step no matter what shade your natural skin is, because it will strengthen the reflection of the yellow pigments.

Now that you have a decently primed canvas, use a makeup sponge to dab the yellow cream makeup directly on top of the white base. Use a thick layer so that the color has something to attach to and doesn’t settle into the skin.

You don’t HAVE to blend after this step, but if you want to use a yellow eye shadow and a foundation brush to set everything, you will get a much smoother effect.

The actual makeup is simple: I applied a small amount of pearly white eye shadow and a swipe of shimmery pink. This is a modern Marge, after all.

Last but not least, I combed Jess' brows and applied a tiny swipe of the blue hair color with a disposable mascara wand.

One green dress and a red choker later and this costume is DONE.

Jessica Simpson? Pretty hilarious if I do say so myself. Hopefully her dashing partner will let me Homer Simpson-ify him and these two can go as a The Simpsons!

Tell me what you think! It's not too difficult, right? Anyone going as a Simpsons character this Halloween? Or better yet, has anyone dressed up as Marge before? Because I want to see some pics!

Photos by Darnell Scott