Last-Minute Halloween Costume: Scary Mouth!

A last-minute look that's two parts Tim Burton, one part Nicki Minaj's verse on Monster, all TERRIFYING.

I’ve put together a lot of looks for xoHalloween this year, ranging from totally adorable to classic horror elegance. But one thing is missing: A look that is genuinely scary.

And so that’s what I’ve come up with today--a totally frightening look that I’ve been referring to as “Scary Mouth” in emails and notes for the last six weeks.

It’s two parts Tim Burton, one part Nicki Minaj’s verse on "Monster"--with some Skeleton Boy, Violator from Spawn, and creepy clown thrown in for good measure. The best part? It's all easy enough to pull off at the last minute.

MAKEUP: Kill Your Color

I wanted my Scary Mouth to contrast with my very “normal” makeup--like perhaps I'd just wiped off my lipstick and THIS is what was underneath. I prepped my skin with BB cream, covered my under-eye circles with concealer, and set everything with translucent setting powder.

It’s very important to cover your lips all the way to the inside with BB and powder too, so don’t forget that: it kills the color and gives what comes next extra staying power! I also defined my brows and applied a couple coats of mascara to my eyelashes, but that was it as far as eye makeup went. Simple is ever the watchword of terrifying monsters.

TEETH: Just Liquid Liner & White Face Paint

Next, I used black liquid liner to draw a BIG smile. Don’t worry if the lines are a little wobbly or not 100% even on both sides--it actually looks better that way, like your smile is a jagged, dark rupture in your face.

Still using your black liquid liner, color in around your teeth. I'm using MAC Penultimate Liner here because I wanted thicker lines; I had to apply a couple coats for total opacity, but the payoff was super dark (and a little shiny, which I liked a lot) in the end.

You might have gone outside the lines a little with the white while painting in your teeth, and that's OK! Take your black liner again and color back over any mistakes or unevenness. Just don't press too hard--you don't want to accidentally pull off any of the white face paint.

My finished look is, if I do say so myself, TERRIFYING.

You're welcome for the nightmares.

I think that the major strength of this look (apart from the fact that it takes 10 minutes and requires two products) is that it works from all angles--you don't have to hold your head a certain way to have it make sense. Plus, I've always wanted to be a cartoon monster. Who knew it was lurking right underneath my skin?

  • What's your go-to last minute Halloween costume?
  • Should I wear this out in the wild this year?
  • Are you still as obsessed with Nicki's verse on "Monster" as I am?