Raise Your Hand If You Feel MORE Beautiful In Your Glasses

You'll want to give your contacts a break with these tips for styling your glasses.
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December 23, 2014
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The other morning, after a particularly hectic hustling of the dogs and the kid into the car, I got to work and realized that I was still wearing my glasses. Well, looks like I’m just not going to try today, I thought. But as soon as I twisted my hair into a messy bun and slicked on some red lipstick, I felt chic and pulled together in my vintage frames.

You don't have to leave the glasses at home. With just a few little tricks, wearing a good pair can make you feel like an artsy babe with strong opinions about cheese--instead of a lousy crumbum with a strong odor of cheese. I hit up all the babes here at xoVain for darling photos of their favorite frames, and some of their own killer tips for wearing them. Here's what they had to say.


These are the two pairs of glasses that I wear on the regular. I have a surprisingly small face and head, so finding glasses that don't overwhelm my features can feel almost impossible. But Bonlook has an entire section of frames designed for those of us with petite faces. The frames on the left are the Fashionably Late in Holiday Coco, which I call my Clark Kent glasses; the specs on the right are the Betty in Vanilla Latte. The frames are amazing in quality and the customer service is impeccable. Oh, and did I mention that each pair is $99? YOU'RE WELCOME.


If this pair of glasses was human, she'd be hitting puberty. (Yes, I've had them for more than a decade.) Designed by Cynthia Rowley in black/blonde, their angles complement my round face and sloped eyes. When I wear them I typically do a side-swept hairstyle with a deep part to add a bit of a “librarian's-night-out” feel.


Finding frames was a bit difficult for me because I have a long, rounded face and prefer larger frames. So when I saw these Ray-Ban sunglasses, I knew the shape and size would be perfect for me and had them fitted to my prescription. My trick is to make sure my hair is styled and completely dry before I put my glasses on. That way my hair doesn't get flattened.


These See Eyewear glasses are definitely a statement piece. Since I have a rather square face, rounded shapes and lower-profile glasses can look comically undersized on me, but my thick, squared-off frames do the trick. I like wearing my hair down with my glasses, but I find that I need a little volume up front to balance out the size of my frames. Looping a one-inch chunk of hair in the front--the lazy girl's victory roll--looks really cute and takes just a few seconds.


I choose these thick, bold black opal frames to help add definition to my face. The subtle, angular shape of the frame accentuates my diamond face shape, contrasting my features and enhancing the contours of my face. The bridge sits nicely, shaping and complementing my nose. I also like how they are small enough that they don’t take over my facial aesthetics, allowing for my definitive features to still shine.


My glasses are the new Ray-Ban Wayfarers, which, unlike the originals, don't angle inwards. I chose the tortoiseshell ones, because they aren't as harsh on me as the black are, especially when my hair is lighter. I used to wear smaller glasses, but the size of these opens my eyes and face up a lot more, making me seem more approachable. My biggest thing when shopping for glasses is just making sure they aren't too wide for my narrow face--sometimes I even look in the kids' section.


I have a love/hate relationship with my glasses--typically I don’t wear them out--but I do wear glasses all the time. I have quite a big face, so my frames also need to be big, or else I look ridiculous. I got this pair at a garage sale. I think the square shape elongates my face. When it comes to hair, I think bigger is better--whether that means down with loads of volume or up into a giant top knot.

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