7 Beauty-Centric Group Halloween Costumes For You and Your #Squad

Dolly Parton shows up more than once.
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October 14, 2015
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I love the idea of Halloween, but I rarely actually celebrate it. I always feel like there's so much pressure to come up with a costume that's equal parts funny and hot, and I just can't figure it out. I usually just stay home.

In recent years, I've taken to using Halloween as an excuse to wear those super-fancy gowns I buy at the thrift store but never actually get to wear in real life. Like last year, I just wanted to wear this floor length blue sequin gown I found for $3, so I threw my hair up on top of my head and said I was Jennifer Lawrence in American Hustle.

Wham, bam, thank you, ma'am. I made the dude I went to the party with dress up too, because I'm better at persuasion than I am at Halloween ideas.

One really fun way to take some of the pressure off of Halloween is to get a group together for some sort of ensemble costume. Gather all your best girls and go party as a group. Because parties are for girls, anyway. Everybody knows that.

Here are some of my favorite beauty-centric lady-group Halloween costume ideas.


My diehard Wino Forever commitment is no secret, so it should be no surprise to see this film first on the list. The '80s teen-girl costumes would be easy to come by at any thrift store, and the makeup and hair are super-fun to pull off.

Think big hair, and then go even bigger. Feather your bangs, load up on blush, grab your croquet mallets and memorize all the best quotes. How very.

Steel Magnolias

If the hair of Heathers just isn't big enough for you, then Steel Magnolias oughta do the trick.

As I prepare to leave the Deep South after living here for eight years, I've been re-watching this flick and feeling the lilting heart-pangs of nostalgia and eight years worth of deep fried goodness. I even named my new cat Truvy after Dolly's character!

For this look, you and your girlfriends will wanna hairspray yourselves to high heaven, layer on the red lipstick, and don't forget your teasing comb. If you're going as Shelby, don't forget to bring some juice. (My sister's name is Shelby and I've gotten way too much joy out of screaming, "Drink your juice, Shelby!" at her over the past 20 years.) Oh, and smile! It increases your face value.

Ladies of Literature

As both a woman writer and a huge fan of books written by women, I've grown to idolize and idealize many of my favorite female authors. A great group posse costume for you and your literary gal pals would be to go as some sort of Ladies Book Club, featuring all your favs.

Think: Sylvia Plath (blonde hair, maybe carrying a bell and a jar, or some tulips), Virginia Woolf (rock a cigarette and a low bun, and if you can, highlight and contour your nose into the nose that won Nicole Kidman an Oscar), Dorothy Parker (a long, dramatic cigarette and a bottomless martini), Eudora Welty (short, curled hair and a southern drawl), Ayn Rand (your token obnoxious libertarian friend), the list goes on and on. You can all carry composition notebooks with your names (or pen names) across the front!

The Women of Wes Anderson

This one is easy and fun. Wes Anderson's lady characters are detailed yet easy to recreate.

With black eyeliner, a hair barrette, cigarettes, and a fur coat, you can be Margot Tenenbaum. With blue eyeshadow and some binoculars, you're Suzy Bishop. With milkmaid braids and some eyeliner drawn in the shape of Mexico on your cheek, you're Agatha from the Grand Budapest Hotel. The possibilities are endless.

Wes Anderson costumes also present amazing opportunities for cross-dressing, if that's your thing. Richie Tenenbaum is one of my costume goals.

Honky Tonk Angels

Dolly Parton. Tammy Wynette. Loretta Lynn.

Need I say more?

Blue Crush

This is the perfect group costume for your and low-key girlfriends. With minimal makeup, sea-salt spray, and some bikini tops, you three can recreate everyone's favorite surfing, sunny trio of badass ladies.

First Wives Club

If you're of a particularly bitter group of lady friends, like I am, then THIS is the look for y'all. Get your cigars, brown lipsticks, and white pantsuits ready because Halloween is sure to be a night of dance routines and revenge. You don't owwwnnnn meeeeee.

  • Have you and your pals ever done a group costume look?
  • Which Steel Magnolia is your favorite? I'm partial to Truvy for obvious reasons.