Who Needs Gold Jewelry When You've Got Golden Makeup And Nail Polish?

From blush to nail polish, I'm suddenly obsessed with gilded cosmetics.
Publish date:
September 17, 2013
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A love of all things gold runs in my family. My grandparents on my Dad’s side practically breathe the stuff, constantly dripping with huge gold rings, watches, bracelets, and anything else they can get their hands on/on their hands.

Sadly, my grandmother passed away last month, which meant a flooding of huge gaudy gold jewelry came flooding my way. All of it was crazy-beautiful, but none of it quite wearable at this junction in my wardrobe. However, this unexpected influx has seemed to cause a butterfly effect in other areas of my appearance: Cosmetics-wise, everything I reach for these days is flecked (or flooded) with gold.

It all started out quite harmlessly really: I upgraded my go-to NARS Orgasm blush to Super Orgasm, a pinker shade with big old hunks of gold in it that fall off onto my clothing and the cheeks of everyone I kiss or hug (which means my partner sparkles, like, all the time).

Then came the huge eyeshadow palette of metallic hues, which led to the Urban Decay Heavy Metal liquid eyeliner in super-sparkle gold (aka Midnight Cowboy), and eventually all of this added up to one grand finale: Deborah Lippmann’s Boom Boom Pow nail polish. It’s gold. Real gold. 24 Carat gold to be exact, although it’s clearly not 100% actual gold.

The idea of gold-tipped fingers was just too much for me to deny myself. The polish itself is really so perfect; it’s the optimal combination of a super-fine gold sparkle dust base filled with small gold circle chunks and larger gold hexagon bits to top it all off. It looks great layered with a colour (especially pink or black), and even better on its own.

The downfall: Like all sparkle polishes, this stuff is nearly impossible to get off your nails. I suggest a rigorous combination of filing and nail polish remover, over and over, until your nail is once again visible under all that luxe.

How do you wear your gold? Are you more likely to wear it as jewelry or makeup?