Try Glitter Brows At Least Once Before Summer Ends

No fancy tools required!
Publish date:
July 26, 2016
eyebrows, glitter, nyx

Unless my email inbox is deceiving me, it's still festival season. And what's more fun than breaking out of your makeup comfort zone with something you don't normally due and isn't culturally insensitive?

Enter: glitter eyebrows. I'm sure you all know by now, but I'm maybe a little too proud of my eyebrows. It's just face hair — it shouldn't be a point of pride — but still, I love them.

But I haven't ever done a lot to them besides paint them green from time to time. So I wanted to try something different.

For reference, here are my eyebrows product-free.

All you'll need is eye-safe glitter (very important for this one because there is no way to get all the glitter out of your brows without some potentially getting in your eyeballs) and something to adhere the glitter with.

I've seen people say they use eyelash glue to adhere glitter to different parts of the face, and that totally works for, like, adding a cute little Marilyn glitter mole or something, but no, not this time. I'm very overprotective of my eyebrow hairs, and I refuse to straight-up put glue on them. So instead, I'm using this NYX Glitter Primer, which — guess what — works great. Y

You can prime the whole eyebrow all at once because it doesn't dry and set down like glue does, and it washes out easily. And it holds the glitter to your brows, which is probably the most important part of all that.

Take that glitter primer and apply liberally to the whole eyebrow. Don't worry about the color — it dries clear.

Just use a finger to work the primer over your eyebrow hairs. This glitter primer is surprisingly thin for the creamy texture, so you can even work it all the way through to style your brows.

So I figure you can go two ways with the glitter brows: You can add just a little something for a "natural" look, or just go all out with something wild. To go the milder route, choose a glitter that isn't too far off from your hair color. I chose a NYX Face & Body Glitter in Bronze.

The glitter primer will be somewhat sticky to hold the glitter near and dear to your brows, so just take a dense eye shadow brush, dip it into your glitter, and swipe across the eyebrow.

Of course you can always add more, but if you just want a little somethin', I find the swiping method to work best.

Hopping right in to a bolder look, choose a color that will stand out against your hair. In this case I'm using NYX Face & Body Glitter in Copper.

To get a higher ratio of glitter to eyebrow, you will need to stamp the glitter in. I used my finger for this because it picks up so much more glitter than the brush, but keep in mind if you use your finger, it will be harder to get a perfectly clean, defined shape.

If you wanted to use a brush, I would opt for a very dense but very small eyeshadow brush like an angle brush or even a lip brush.

Just digging in with a finger goes much faster, so if you are in a rush to get to your next glitter rave, use your fingers, perfection be damned.

You can always swipe off any fall-out with a big fluffy brush if it totally bugs you, but you'll probably have a low-key dusting of glitter on your face all day while this is going on.

To remove, I suggest an oil based makeup remover on a cotton round. You can press it into the eyebrow and pull in the direction your eyebrow hairs grow to get the glitter worked out. Then do your whole makeup removal routine afterwards.

If you're like me and your eyebrows act as a natural pit of despair for pretty much any and all products, prepare to be finding glitter for a day or so to come — but, I mean, come on, it's totally worth it.

  • Have you ever done glitter eyebrows?
  • Any other great glitter makeup looks I need to know about?