Glitter Roots: The Best Way to Apply It If You Ever Want It to Come Out

Because glitter can be as stubborn as it is festive.
Publish date:
December 14, 2015
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Ever wonder how fashion and beauty trends happen?

I remember when I was 12, making my first pair of platform shoes — in shop class. I wore them home, clopping deftly off the bus in six-inch-high, 10-pound sandals, the product of hours leaning on a belt sander. My mom smirked, “Platforms? Please. I wore those in high school. Get your own ideas!”

I thought she was just being rude, but then I saw bondage pants and Nirvana tees on the runway the year I turned 30.

What comes around goes around, generally; whatever the counterculture is wearing right now is going to be everywhere in 15 years. You could set a clock by it. Or a calendar or whatever.

It’s weird seeing your childhood experiments blown up years later. Everything from pastel hair to black nail polish to septum rings are screaming back into style. At the same time, it seems like every obscure style that hits the runway is immediately dubbed The New Trend That Has Women in Absolute Hysterics — which, sorry, no.

One throwback style I’d love to see more of? Glittery parts. We used to slick glitter over dark roots, or to accentuate our Kool Aid dye jobs. I mean, it’s a pile of glitter — more glitter than you are generally allowed — so I say do it a bunch. From insane confetti to simple silver glitter, let’s make this happen.

Before you even ask... yes you can get it out. You don’t want Normals to know you are a Secret Fairy Queen and such. But you have to put it in right if you want to get it out with ease, and that’s where prepping and method are key.

This will look last the longest on hair that is pulled back or controlled in some way, but I like the casual middle part with loose hair, too. It won’t really hold shape if you’re flipping your hair around freely like Liv Tyler in an Aerosmith video. For a more flip-friendly look, which is super-hot and should be noted, check Alyssa’s easy tutorial here!

You will need:

  • Glitter of choice
  • Dry shampoo
  • Hairspray
  • Gel
  • Flat paintbrush

First, you must choose a glitter; I like to use a colour that is similar to the shade of my hair; this ensures that the glitter doesn’t look like a sprinkling of oregano in flat light. Mixing a few colours or sizes can further customize your glitter experience.

You’ll apply it in three steps: spray, paint, glitter. Which is also something that should already exist, but doesn’t, probably because of the patriarchy.

Prep by dusting the whole area with dry shampoo, and do not comb it out; just use a tiny amount so it’s not noticeable. It will keep glitter from getting stuck to your scalp. Part and style your hair as planned.

Now, mist the first three to six inches of your part a few times with your hairspray — just a few fly-bys, not enough to wet it.

Now you’re ready to glitter that mother.

Using a flat brush, mix about a teaspoon of glitter with a DAB of gel. Not the pea-sized amount of toothpaste you use, either. Everyone lies about that because toothpaste is delicious, apparently.

Spread it from your roots down, taking care not to work the glitter into your hair, so much as pat it on the top layer. This not only makes it easier to clean off, but it makes it look a lot more intentional.

Be careful to avoid the strip of scalp in between. Forget you ever read the phrase “strip of scalp” forever, I’m sorry.

Let the gel dry, and seal in the look with a touch of hairspray. If you’re worried about shedding, tip your head and shake it off once you’re outside. I like to do this in a memorable place, so I can monitor the glitter for years to come.

To remove the glitter, pull the inch around the part apart from the rest of your hair and saturate in conditioner. Comb through with a fine comb, and rinse. Wash your hair like normal, and that should do the trick. I didn’t have any visible glitter after a shower!

  • What do you think of glitter roots? Cute or crossing a line?
  • Were you an embarrassing trend-follower? PLEASE post photos!