5 Gift Sets You Could Give But Should Probably Just Keep For Yourself

Sure, giving great gifts is nice and all, but you deserve a little something, too.
Publish date:
December 19, 2013
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As I've mentioned before, I'm all about a well-put-together set. The holidays are a particularly excellent time for these, as companies realize that putting a bunch of adorable, coordinating products together makes gift-giving so much easier.

And yeah, I'm all about giving these sets as gifts. But I'm also about receiving them. I mean, I've been known to write "To: Hannah, From: Hannah" on gift tags.

So while the following sets will definitely score you points if you wrap them up and give them away, I'm not going to judge you if you keep them for yourself. Or if you're some sort of baller, you could always buy two.

Let's start off with the gift of beautiful skin, which is where Eve Lom's Travel Essentials Collection has you covered. It's a pretty white case that contains a generous portion of the brand's out-of-this-world Cleanser and muslin cloth, which, when used together following the facial massage instructions included in the package, help to encourage toxin release from the skin and leave you glowing and even-toned after just a few uses.

Then there's also the Morning Time Cleanser that wakes up your face and calms puffiness, the Rescue Mask that I love for when my skin is blotchy and cranky, and the TLC Radiance Cream, a really gentle, really light lotion that boosts the brightness of your skin while leaving it soft to the touch.

Obviously if you give this gift away, the recipient would be super-pleased to have such fancy and effective products to keep on their vanity, but if you kept it, then you'd be giving a gift to the world by having soft, clear skin. Either way, win-win.

So, now that we've talked skin, it's time to move on to hair.

Oribe's Purse Size Collection has mini versions of their most helpful products, including the Dry Texturizing Spray (which is so integral for creating that messy, I-don't-care look), plus the Cote d'Azur Hair Refresher (for when you're feeling less than freshly washed), the Superfine Hair Spray for locking in styles without leaving your hair gross and stiff, and the Imperméable Anti-Humidity Spray, which you'll be grateful for when hot, sticky weather hits.

Plus, all the products have the most wonderful scents thanks to customized French perfumes commissioned by the brand. Four easy-to-travel-with cans = one exceptionally sexy head of hair.

Skin, hair--we're moving along nicely. Now let's talk body care.

You can't be dirty during the holidays. You should be clean and smell nice, and who better to take care of you in that regard than Lush?

Their Jolly Hollydays box set contains a ton of my favourites, to the point that I'm starting to think they made it just for me. It's a little weird! But in a good way. It's got the incredible smelling Rose Jam shower gel and Snowcake soap to rid you of dirt and grime, and Ocean Salt face and body scrub and Buffy body butter to ensure your skin is smooth as a baby's tiny little leg. When you're dried off, smooth on the extremely gentle (it's safe for kids and those with skin irritations) Dream Cream body lotion and stave off wintry hangnails with Lemony Flutter cuticle butter.

After all of this you, or--sorry--your gift recipient, is essentially perfect. But it's the holidays. I think some colour is in order.

A smoky eye is pretty standard for the season, but I'm always a fan of seeing it done with some pigment. Thanks to Clinique's Intense Colour Gift Set, you can line your eyes with their classic Intense Ebony Quickliner for Eyes Intense, or try out Intense Plum (deep purple) or Intense Ivy (deep smoky green) to switch things up.

Finally, I figured I should offer something up for the dudes of the world. They get gifts sometimes, right?

For them, I've chosen Mistral's For Men Travel Set. It's got four TSA-friendly tubes of gentlemanly products: Shave Cream, Post-Shave Balm, Face Scrub and Hair & Body Wash.

I'd recommend getting this for any dude you have to spend time with, particularly those you get close to, because you're guaranteeing they'll be clean and properly groomed. I just realized this kind of makes me sound like I think men are like dogs. But that's not true, because I like dogs more.

Anyway. If you don't want to give a gift to a male human, keep this for yourself and use the products for shaving your legs.

With these five gifts under your tree (or someone else's, whatever) your holidays are guaranteed to be really pretty and sexy, which is all that matters. That and like, being charitable. And family. And food.