5 Pretty Things On The Internet: Game Of Thrones Braids Edition

I finally figured out why braids are an important part of a medieval-ish lifestyle.
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June 12, 2013
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The coolest beauty-ish things I found this week:

Refinery29 highlights nine great beauty blogs worth bookmarking. It's super-meta of me to include this in a link round up, I know, I know. It's a great list.

Useful stuff under $10 to throw in your beach bag this weekend. I'm going to Kiehl's after work to spend $7 on their Olive Fruit Oil Nourishing Conditioner. [POPSUGAR Beauty]

This exhaustive gallery of nearly every braid on Game Of Thrones ever is So Freaking Impressive. These elaborate braids are a big part of the show because the women and long-haired males of GOT need to A) keep their hair out of their faces so they can murder people efficiently and B) look hot so they can manipulate people with sex. Enter sexy, multitasking braids. I get it now. So many spoilers ahead if you click this link. [The Cut]

Famous people and media folk on what cleansers they like to use with their Clarisonics (and how often they Clarisonic). This is helpful for any vibrating beauty brush newbie. Also, it's Into The Gloss, so you can expect really pretty photos. I always leave that site a lot calmer than before.

This is pretty neat: the shockingly cool history of hair removal. [Glo]

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