Brown Girl Beauty Muse: Pam Grier As Foxy Brown

Get the hair and makeup of the meanest chick in town.

I wish I grew up watching people of similar-colored skin on TV and in movies. While we had Fresh Prince of Bel Air, “urban” movies and television shows weren’t marketed and exported to my side of the world for some reason. I don’t know from which end (whether it’s the studios, the distributing channels, or the movie companies here) this disparity comes from, but it still is so today. I had to wait till the iTunes Store had Think Like A Man before I could watch it last year.

When I started dating my boyfriend, who is a screenwriter, he kept making me watch TV shows and movies that he grew up watching, and I can’t believe how much I’ve missed!

Recently, I started looking for beauty muses, and Pam Grier is such an icon! She’s the first African-American heroine and became a symbol for Black empowerment, and a heroine for women’s liberation and sexual revolution. She kicked major ass, made movies and looked bangin’ the whole time she’s done it.

And so I did what any xoVainer would do: I decided to attempt a Pam Grier Foxy Brown-esque look.


I used my usual Face Atelier Ultra Foundation in Zero Plus. I primed my lids with Stila Perfecting Concealer.


I started with defining my brows. Pam had really thin brows, but since I couldn’t bare to part with mine, I just filled them in with the Sleek Brow Kit.

I wanted toned-down '70s eye makeup. I fished out my MAC Twists of Tartan eyeshadow palette and used High Spirits, a shimmery avocado green, on my lid and under my eyes, and Bows & Curtseys, a metallic hunter green shade on my crease.

I used Urban Decay eyeshadow in Sin from the Naked Palette on the inner corners of my eyes 'cause, you know, it looks wicked awesome.

I finished off the whole thing by applying gel liner and mascara, and added falsies on the outer corner of my eyes. Make sure you use an eyelash curler! Magical things happen when you use these babies, I tell ya.


I LOVE afros. They are the best things to have ever happened to hair, and I think they make everybody look badass. A ‘fro with aviators? You belong on like a wall of fame somewhere.

Unfortunately, I have really fine hair, which gets really heavy as well, especially in humidity. While I love my hair, it takes a lot of work to give it volume.

So I did the best thing Annie has ever taught me: really big hair with really tiny rag curls. It took six episodes of Martin on YouTube on a Saturday night, I slept on it and woke up with big, awesome hair.

I unraveled my hair while Skyping with Alle and this was her reaction:

Everybody should try this hair once in their lives. I feel like I have a frothy bubble on my head, and it’s so much fun.

I threw on a nude lip, some badass ‘tude and got all Foxy Brown.

What do you think?