6 Things to Pack in Your First Date Kit

Smell good, look good, feel good.

I think we can all agree that first dates—and second, third and even fourth dates—are pretty critical when it comes to finding someone with whom you connect. And while you don't have to be perfect or even look perfect while you're going through the formalities of getting to know someone, the basics of appearance truly do make a difference. Not just in how you're coming across to someone else, but in the way that you feel.

Though I've been on more dates than I can even recall over the last six or so months, and though I've absorbed as much as I can regarding dating via books, conversations, podcasts, and websites, I'm certainly not dating expert. Far from it, in fact. The only thing I know is that when I feel my best, I have more fun on a date. Even if it's not a match.

With that said, what you bring in your First Date Kit (get it? It sounds like First-Aid Kit!) will vary depending on your needs, but I think you'll find winners in the following suggestions.

Beauty Blender's Blotterazzi

I'm a fan of regular blotting papers, but BeautyBlender's newish blotterazzi ($20) is a really nice alternative. Not only is it more environmentally friendly since it's reusable, but it feels more gentle on your skin and fits into the contours of the face more effectively. Plus—and this is a big plus—you can use it in public without worrying about someone seeing your oil-soaked blotting papers.

It comes in the compact pictured, which has a mirror on the interior, and two blotters.

Pacifica Underarm Deodorant Wipes

Summer or winter, humid or dry, these Pacifica Underarm Deodorant Wipes are so convenient. For the longest time, I was keeping travel deodorant in my car and/or purse, but these eliminate any worries you may have about deodorant marks, along with any unpleasant smells.

These are aluminum-free and contain coconut milk and other essential oils that keep you smelling nice and feeling soft. Each package contains 30 wipes and costs $9.

Trilogy Everything Balm

Everything Balm by Triology ($21) may particularly appeal to the minimalist. It has a light, clean smell and, as the name implies, can be used pretty much anywhere. Dry lips? Cracked cuticles? Rough hands? Triple check. It's a true balm, so just warm it up with your fingers and then use as necessary. It absorbs into the skin very quickly.

Soul Sunday Unicorn Oil

Unicorn Oil by Soul Sunday ($18) is my cheeky item on the list. It's an aromatherapy oil in roller ball form that aims to ease tension and help you "harmonize." Sounds a little hippie, but I do believe in the power of scent.

It has a coconut oil base and is scented with lavender and peppermint essential oils, with peppermint being the most forthright scent. Apply it on your temples and pulse points to help you relax before meeting with your date (here's hoping you find your unicorn).

Fig + Yarrow Oral Hygiene Rinse

Whether you've got kissing plans or not, first dates usually mean lots of talking. Freshen that mouth of yours with a swig of mouthwash pre-date, and perhaps even mid-date if you've had dinner together.

I'm digging Fig + Yarrow's Oral Hygiene Rinse, which comes in this travel size ($10) and then a full size ($26). It's not so obviously "mouthwashy" and instead leaves your mouth feeling refreshed and clean. And it doesn't sting or hurt, so don't worry about your eye makeup running due to watery eyes. I got you, babe.

Radius Floss Sachets

In the same line of thought, don't forget to floss. Again, this would come in handy if you've had dinner with your date, but you can use them whenever. These, by Radius and $18 for 5 packs of 20, are made from natural silk and are super discreet. The floss itself is soft and ever-so-slightly thicker than some, which I find to be more effective.

  • What do you always have on hand during a date?
  • Wanna share a dating horror story? Can we do that, please?