Filibuster Babe: Hair And Makeup Inspired By Senator Wendy Davis

Thirteen hours later she was STILL looking good.

So last night was a HUGE deal, especially if you, like me, are a chick from Texas.

I've been cringing like, "WTF?!" for years now over the restrictions that conservative politicians in the state felt needed to be placed on the practice of abortion. Especially, for instance, the fact that a woman seeking an abortion now must have a sonogram performed before she can move forward with the procedure. The logic is that she'll see the heartbeat and be overcome with guilt over terminating the pregnancy and not go through with it. Genius, and not at all demented.

Senate Bill 5 took it to next-level status, and would mean that multiple (like, 37 out of 42) abortion facilities would close-- including many facilities catering to low-income communities. The restrictions in the bill are designed to encourage doctors not to perform the procedure, and that would drive women to take matters in their own hands to terminate unwanted pregnancies. Read: dangerous.

In order for SB5 to pass, it needed to be voted on by midnight Tuesday. So basically one Wendy Davis, a democratic senator from Fort Worth, who became a single mother at 19, showed up to the Senate like, "'Sup jerks, I'm ready for my filibuster."

She DIDN'T say that. She did come prepared for her expected 13-hour speech, ramble, Q&A session... whatever would run out the clock and prevent the vote so that Governor Perry wouldn't sign the bill into law.

She was totally on-trend with what news nerds keep calling "pink sneakers." Ugh, they were not pink sneakers. They were athletic shoes worn with clear sartorial consideration. I totally would have freaked if they were my preferred Free's, but she took a different route with Mizuno's Wave Riders in rouge red/apple green. So hot.

She also wore a support belt, because the crazies in Texas have strict filibusting rules, including no sitting, no drinking, no eating, and no bathroom breaks. So, like, no oil-blotting, dry shampoo, or reapplying of lipgloss. Yet she was still total babe status at 3:25am, 12-and-a-half hours later. Boom:

We'd be stoked and thankful for anybody who took on this insane task, but we're especially excited over at xoVain that it's a lady that clearly puts some effort into looking totally gorgeous while she's at it.

So I know the first thing that's coming to your mind is, like, "HOW IS HER HAIR PERFECT AND NOT TOTALLY FLAT?"

On par with revealing to my forced family friend--after correcting my use of the word "butter" because, "it's not butter, it's margarine,"--that Santa doesn't exist (sorry), it's time I'm upfront about the fact that volume like this doesn't exist without teasing. You've got to have that nest of tangles supporting the smooth top layer of hair--something a product can't recreate.

I like to tease not with a comb, but a bristle brush. My mini Mason Pearson does a great job of making that puffy tangled mess; just decide where you want your part before you start backcombing. Then, backcomb in a radius coming away from the part, leaving about an inch of hair around the part that will act as the smooth top layer that will fall over the rest. Spray each backcombed nest with a little hairspray before moving to your next section.

Once you're done adding height, take that same bristle brush to smooth down that top layer so there aren't any crazy frizzies coming loose.

Curl your ends with a one-inch iron to add some bend, and then spray the whole thing with a finishing coat for hold. Also known as the "The Hair That Survived UT Sorority Rush."

The makeup is conservative but fresh; we're trying to do politics here, not give boners, so no cat eyes or glitter. Just some matte shell-pink shadow on the lid, matte plum shadow to shade the crease, and taupe to line the lower lashes. I used Kevyn Aucoin's Eye Shadow Duo in *duh* Pink Shell and Deep Taupe, and then Deep Heather Eye Shadow Single in the crease.

I lined just along the top lashline with the Eye Pencil Primatif in the dark, earthy green shade, which read more as a soft black.

Since filibustering is such a chore, this is a perfect chance to finally use that corrective concealer pallete. I used the yellow shade from FACE Stockholm's Corrector Quad, just lightly dabbed under my eyes with my ring finger.

I finished the face with The Sensual Skin Powder Foundation--a perfect long-wear option that won't melt away or settle into creases as the hours drag on. I'd never been a fan of powder foundation until trying this stuff, it gives beautifully even coverage. I then brushed some rich berry blush--L'Oreal's Visible Lift Color Lift Blush in Berry Lift (lift, lift, lift)--just below the apples of my cheeks for a little contour action.

Davis's signature lip is a youthful coral gloss, so I started by lining with Too Faced's Perfect Lips in Perfect Spice, a neutral pink, and then added a coat of Beauty Addicts lip gloss in Sheer Peach. Almost forgot the wear-n-toss beauty mark courtesy of Hottiedots. We've yet to confirm, but I'm pretty sure hers is real.

The look is womanly and hot, in a way that says, "Yeah, I'm a chick, and no, you're not f***ing with my rights."

Thank you, Wendy! We truly appreciate all that you've done for us and bow to your complete and total babeness.