How I Got Rid Of My Huge, Dramatic Under-Eye Bags This Morning

A miserable night called for a quick fix. Hope you like photos of zits.
Publish date:
August 21, 2013
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Without getting into too much detail, last night sucked. And unlike when I was living in Texas doing nothing but perfecting my bathing routine and listening to records and sewing and drawing and ladida-ing, I didn't look super-sexy when morning rolled around.

No, because now I live on an overdeveloped island and follow rats to and from work each day, eating free pretzels out of a tub for most meals, and sharing with up to five other people a bathroom that hasn't had any sort of repair work done since the mid-'90s. Texas sounds pretty freaking great at the moment, but alas, here I find myself with under-eye bags, and they're not even the cute kind.

And thus an article is born.

Really, this is the perfect opportunity to show some graphic before-and-after-type junk that you sickos love. ENJOY MY PAIN, YOU ANIMALS.

By pure coincidence, I had a box of Karuna eye masks at my apartment. I'd used them before out of sheer boredom, not really studying the results and definitely not documenting them for that matter. Now was the time.

The little masks are wet with the firming and de-puffing elixir. Just peel off the backings and place around your eyes. Leave on for 10 to 20 minutes and remove, dabbing the excess liquid into your skin.

I have very sensitive skin, around my eyes especially. About half of all eye products I've tried cause me to break out in a bumpy rash, or at the very least sting uncomfortably. Luckily that wasn't the case with these. They weren't particularly refreshing or cooling, but the de-puffing and dark-circle reduction were all I really cared about.

I could see a slight change, but the proof is in the side-by-sides at the end of the scroll. These don't relieve the achy dryness that comes with crying and stuff, but I did find the skin around my eyes felt smoother and more moisturized. I don't have any wrinkles to speak of, but I could see how this product has the potential to plump up skin's moisture levels to reduce their appearance. I also trimmed my brows at some point, those are the hairs you see on my face.

Because cold compresses are a go-to for reducing swelling, and since I didn't have the foresight to refrigerate the eye masks, I let a couple of spoons cool off in the freezer for a few minutes and smushed them into my eye sockets.

The spoons didn't stay cold for long, but I think they definitely help reduce the puffiness even further.

I then moisturized and put some makeup on and made you a little collage:

I think filling in and combing my brows made a huge difference in making my eyes seem more alert and like I cared about anything anymore.

I didn't even use under eye concealer or apply foundation to the area directly below my eyes. I like the look of bags and dark circles, but not quite as dramatic as they were when I woke up. The only makeup I used on my eyes was a teeny dabbing of Sensual Skin Enhancer just at the inner corners to brighten more than to conceal.

Which step do you think made the biggest difference? Shall I jump on the rich-people-using-Kickstarter train to fund my plane ticket and do you plan to donate?