The Cutest Last-Minute Halloween Costume Ever: Birthday Cake

I don't love Halloween, but I'm not one to pass up the opportunity to dress up like dessert.
Publish date:
October 31, 2013
costumes, halloween, DIY, headbands, candles, birthdays, face paint

I don’t really like Halloween. I don’t dislike it, but I just don’t get excited like all my friends seem to.

As a kid, I loved dressing up like my favourite cartoon characters and gathering candy with the fervour of someone who has just won a $10,000 shopping spree at the mall. But now, as a “grown-up,” I’m just not that into getting drunk in the street, losing half of my costume, and shivering in the cold.

That being said, I never pass up an opportunity to dress like a food item, and so Halloween and I have come to an understanding. I may not party, but I will sure as hell dress like a treat.

This birthday cake costume is super-easy and pretty much guarantees you won’t spend a ton of money on something you’ll only ever wear once. All you need is some supplies from the dollar store, and frilly/lacy/pastel clothing.

First things first: a sweet little slice of birthday cake isn’t complete without some candles, right?

For this accessory, I bought a pack of candles and a plain black plastic headband from the dollar store. I used my handy glue gun to glue each candle into place.

The candles aren’t super-stable and if they get hit too hard, they will fall, so be careful if you’re headed out to a rager--and use a LOT of glue! I’m sure you craft-genius readers will suggest a more sustainable solution, but this method worked for me as long and I used a hefty blob of glue.

Next, your cakey self needs some sprinkles. I used face-paint pens, again from the dollar store, and just drew little multicolored lines on my cheeks.

This, of course, would also work if you prefer face paint with a little brush (in fact, you could make your sprinkles far less big and cartoony with a finer instrument).

Finally, dress up in your favourite cake-like clothing. If you need some inspiration, check out the cake-tastic work of cake master Corey Moranis.

Personally, I chose a frilly, white, lace dress, which I plan to pair with glittery jelly shoes and potentially some homemade sprinkle tights (acrylic paint to personalize tights--brilliant!).

Of course you can wear any variation of cakiness you prefer, just don’t forget to blow out the candles!

DISCLAIMER: I do not recommend actually lighting your candle headband. Hot wax will fall on your head and if you are wearing too much hairspray your hair could go up in flames and die.