We Attempted That Double-Face Halloween Makeup and the Results Are... Weird

Kicking off xoHalloween with some double vision!
Publish date:
September 29, 2015
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Halloween inspiration is officially starting to pop up, and if you're anything like many of us xoVain writers, you've probably already begun planning at least one costume. There's a lotsa good stuff heading your way over the next few weeks in terms of xoHalloween how-to's, so start getting excited.

You can consider this post—in which six of us attempt to recreate the Double Vision makeup by YouTube user and makeup artist Promise Tamang—as a warm up for what's to come. We went into it knowing we probably wouldn't match the master (seriously, her videos will blow your mind), but in the end, we had a lot of fun.


I think we can safely say that Trista earns the award for most realistic eyebrows and most sultry eyes. Those stray hairs, that devious stare... Seriously, that is a very sexy second face.


Kelly on attempting this look: "It was impossible to make the eyes look realistic. Plus, they don't line up with the fake nose. If only I could get those 20 minutes back."

I personally think it looks convincing, and can we talk about that red lipstick, please? Kelly definitely wins for best color choices.


Fact: This is the first time I've glued fake eyelashes on my cheeks. Also, I redid the lips probably four times before I felt it looked good. However, I found myself distracted before taking a photo and mindlessly scratched my chin. I had to redo it again, and it just wasn't of the same caliber. Also, I clearly placed the eyes too far apart and didn't even attempt the nose.

I think I win for best halfhearted attempt.


Allison on recreating the look: "I thought the double-face makeup was surprisingly hard! Trying to get the proportions/angles/sizes correct was challenging. I think the bolder the makeup choice, the easier it will be to do. A really natural look would be much more difficult."

I'm gonna give Allison the award for most overall realistic, especially those hazel eyes. Also, I should note that she was actually the first to attempt the look out of all of us, so she also wins the intrepid beauty player award.


Tamara on her attempt: "This took way longer than it looks like it took! In retrospect, I would have darkened the brows, and I couldn't find my false lashes to save my life, so my second face is a lash-less wonder."

Well, regardless of the lack of lashes, she clearly gets the best-cat-eye-in-the-middle-of-a-cheek award.


Maricar's attempt is, as expected, impressive. I'm gonna have to give major props to the accuracy of her second nose (can you even tell which is which, really? She totally nailed the eye makeup on both sets of eyes—look at that blending! She also seems to have created the most definition between her top and bottom lip. Most defined mouth award!

  • Feel free to try this and post a picture! Plan on it taking you anywhere from 15 minutes to an hour depending on your level of commitment.
  • Let's also discuss Halloween costumes. Any how-to's you want to see here? Any plans whirring around in your head for your own costume?