Surprisingly Simple Money Saver: DIY Supplement Capsules

Supplements and herbal remedies don’t need to be expensive!
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September 24, 2015
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There are some herbs, spices and vitamins that are super-cheap when you buy them in bulk form, but some of the prices you see these days on capsule supplements are downright scary! Don’t get me wrong—there’s more than one fancy hair or skin supplement that I adore, but their cost can be so very prohibitive.

This calls for a DIY!

Another reason to consider concocting your own supplements is customization. By using research and anecdotes and tailoring to your needs, you could be increasing efficacy of a supplement by using two complementary things in one capsule. For example, turmeric works best when taken with a fatty meal or some oil and black pepper. The black pepper and fatty acids allow the curcumin to get into your system much easier and also protect it from digestive enzymes.

This is not the only all-star combo out there that costs $30/month when you buy pre-made. Collagen and hyaluronic acid are synergistic as well, but their full potential isn't met until you add vitamin C—not an easy blend to find in a store! For this reason, I sometimes make my own blends, referred to as "stacks" in some web communities.

Other than experimenting with the occasional ADHD herbal remedy (most of them are bunk), I keep it pretty G-rated and use things that are generally recognized as safe by doctors at large and my own, too. Aside from super-basic turmeric/black pepper/coconut oil caps, which are such a money-saver but so messy, I like to make a power beauty stack of vitamin C, hyaluronic acid and collagen; and my nails are diesel nowadays, so it must be kicking ass!

You will need:

To make your own capsule supplements, mix the ingredients you want to combine in an appropriate ratio. Mine was ¾ collagen, ¼ vitamin C and a pinch of hyaluronic acid.

Fill each capsule by scooping powder into the big portion of a separated capsule and replacing the smaller half, snapping it into place

It's so simple! As long as you keep in mind that cleanliness is of the utmost importance, you’ll do great. Wash your hands and tools, use gloves, clean and cover your workspace, and make sure you are using safe materials to start.

Whether you want a synergistic ingredient stack as a beauty booster, or want to get the anti-inflammatory powers of turmeric at a fraction of the cost, you can put this DIY to work for you. Other ideas include chamomile and lavender for sleepytime, bee pollen for allergies and nice skin, mullein herb and garlic for coughs and colds, ginger and mint for tummies—just about anything you can dream up!

  • What supplements do you wish were far cheaper?
  • Would you ever make your own?

Photos: Maria Penaloza