DIY: How to Get the Golden, Glittery Lashes You Didn’t Know You Wanted Until You Saw This Headline

Individual false lashes + glitter nail polish = subtly fabulous.
Publish date:
May 20, 2016
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I like to consider myself well-versed in applying the makeups to my face. I've got everything that I like to do down pat, and the only things I genuinely know that I'm no good at are applying liquid liner and strip lashes.

Lashes and liner, man.

I know it just takes practice to get good at it, but I'm just not willing to walk around with wildly different liner shapes and falsies falling down my face to get good at it some day in the future.

The funny thing is, individual lashes I can do with no trouble. I just apply glue to the back of my hand, dip in the knot of the lash, and drop onto my lashes. That's a bingo! So easy.

But all the cool, fun, crazy lashes come in strip form. I'm talking glitter, rhinestones, and — I don't know — feathers? That never makes it over to the mostly boring old individuals. So today we're making our own cool individual lashes.

You will need individual lashes in the length of your choice — I ended up going for mediums instead of shorts for this project — glitter nail polish, tweezers, and a lash comb or toothpick.

To glitter-bomb these lashes, you will need to go one at a time and be super careful when you are taking them out of the container. These Ardell lashes in particular are knotted and have a glue residue that sticks on the lashes after you take them off the package. This is annoying because it can make the individual lash hairs stick together.

Hold the lash between two fingers and make sure the hairs are a spread out as possible. The glue residue actually helps here to stick the lash to your finger so you don't end up dropping and losing it. So long as you are extra-careful not to mush all the hairs together, you'll be golden. (Ha.)

Take your glitter polish and wipe off almost all the polish. You can overdo the lashes really easily, so think thin layers.

Very gently run the nail-polish brush under and over the lashes. They will automatically start to clump together as the polish will bind the hairs together. So think tortoise here — slow and steady gets nicely separated results.

When your lashes inevitably get clumped together, carefully separate the hairs. At this point, you should let the lashes dry for a few minutes and then reapply the glitter as you see fit. This set didn't pick up a lot of glitter before getting too clumpy to work with so it definitely needed another coat of glitter.

After another coat there was a much more appropriate amount of glitter.

Place your lashes back on the tray to dry and to keep them dust-free before use.

Apply as usual for individual lashes. I just applied a few on the outer corners of my eyes to add a little somethin'.

When you apply, I highly recommend using as little lash glue as possible; this way, you can easily pop off the lashes without remover and you won't get glitter nail polish in your eye.

I tried this technique with several nail polish textures and I found the Liquid Sand line of glitter polishes from OPI worked the best. The glitter is really fine and densely distributed, so it's not like there are just some glittery pieces in a clear polish — it's a TON of glitter.

  • Where do you stand with falsies? Strip lashes or individuals?
  • Have you ever worn extra adorned false lashes?
  • Where would you wear a look like this?