Thanks To Crayola, I Have A New Favorite Beauty DIY

This $10 marker kit + your makeup remover of choice = an epic makeup remover pen.
Publish date:
August 1, 2014
DIY, makeup, e.l.f., Crayola, makeup remover, touch up tools

Since I'm not a cat-eye master like Alle, I always have to adjust my cat-eye wings to match. In the past I’ve used a Q-tip dipped in makeup remover, but I was never terribly satisfied with that method. Sometimes I’d oversaturate the Q-tip, or the rounded end wasn’t sharp enough to be exact.

So, while cruising through Target one day, I impulse purchased the E.L.F. Makeup Remover Pen and fell in love with the idea. Such an easy, practical way to fix your makeup mistakes! A week later, however, the pen had dried up and I was back to using a Q-tip.

Then, on a totally separate cruise through Target (FYI, there is a Target located conveniently within walking distance from my home and work--I'm there a lot), I stumbled across the Crayola Marker Maker-Refill Pack and realized it would be super easy to DIY my own makeup remover pen. Into the cart it went.

The marker parts come jumbled together in the same bag, so you have to grab one of each and assemble it yourself. You need a plastic end cap, the body of the marker, and a plastic opening cap, as well as a soft, absorbent core and felt marker tip.

Assembly Instructions:

Holding one end of the core, dip it into a bottle of your makeup remover of choice. Reverse the core and double dip, making sure that it is well saturated with makeup remover.

Carefully slide the core into the barrel of a partially assembled marker.

Make sure you secure the end cap so it doesn’t dry out!

Ta-da! You’ve got yourself a fully functioning makeup remover pen. The refill pack comes with a set of 12 markers, so I stashed the 11 extras for later use when this makeup remover pen runs dry. I find that wiping the felt tip with a tissue after each use extends the life of the marker. I also wouldn’t advise reusing a marker after it runs dry because you probably don’t want the felt tip touching your face after three months of use.

This marker is super convenient and spill-free (I've knocked over my fair share of makeup bottles) when you’re in a hurry, or for on-the-go clean-up of smudges and fall out. Plus, it fits innocuously into my backpack!