Conversation Heart Hair Clips: The Easiest Valentine's Day DIY Project In The History Of Glue

They’re the craft equivalent to adding Sprite to cake mix to get a cake. (Did you know you can do that? You can do that!)
Publish date:
February 10, 2014
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I love to make Valentine’s Day
crafts. It’s one of those holidays that lends itself perfectly to cute little
handmade things, like freshly iced sugar cookies and tiny piñatas.

Luckily, it also lends itself quite
well to wonderful accessories: Valentine socks? Yes, please! Conversation heart
Um, OK! February is, in fact, one of my favourite times of the year to shop,
because the themed love-y pink stuff fits perfectly into my year-round wardrobe.
And after Valentine’s Day, most of it goes on sale. It’s the best!

But enough about shopping and
more about making.

These conversation heart hair clips are probably the easiest thing you will ever, ever make. Seriously, they’re the craft equivalent to
adding Sprite to cake mix to get a

All you need is:

• Hair clips (I bought ugly dollar-store clips and ripped the bows off)

• Glue (preferably a glue gun)

• Conversation heart candies

Once you have your supplies
assembled, all you have to do it put them all together: glue your hearts onto
your hair clip in whatever formation you’d like. Let them dry thoroughly before
sticking them in your hair, and that’s it!

If you wanted to go even further,
you could take Alle’s awesome nail polish decorating
to your clips first to give them a fun colour or a bit of sparkle, or just
stick to the minimal look I achieved with my two-minute method!

How are you spending Valentine's Day this
year? Is crafting on the menu?